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In the Torrentz network, the seeders and leechers can actually do a lot of useful things together, like share files or communicate online. While the networking capabilities of Torrentz file system, it was the first steps in making the dream of millions of people connected to each other using Torrentz — the easiest torrent tracker on the web.

The introduction of the Torrentz download program has changed all of the peer-to-peer believes. Not only that, it is now also possible to share large amounts of data wherever you are in the world using Torrentz. The introduction of Torrentz software has actually solved the problem of fighting against the copyright and law agencies regarding the massive media sharing over the internet. Transferring large files was once forbidden, but can now function through Torrentz system that is completely legal.

The download makes just the life even easier when talking about large-sized files. Kilobit and megabit exchange has now been upgraded to gigabit transfer, and the area of Torrentz faster data transfers are fast approaching to peer-to-peer system. As said earlier, the idea of file sharing with Torrentz downloader has piqued the interest of a lot of tech geeks throughout the years — most notably hackers and tech geeks wanting to be the first to introduce new technology to the masses.

Torrentz was then introduced, and this was one of the first P2P sharing platforms that revolutionized file sharing in the Internet. Torrentz is basically a file sharing community site for movies and music lovers though it provides all kinds of software, games and more. The rise of Torrentz has been heavily monitored and influenced by certain concerned music companies who were claiming that illegal file sharing of copyrighted music severely hurt the business.

After getting stronger, the Torrentz team programmed the Torrentz downloader for better performance of the P2P platform. On the whole, Torrentz has made a lasting impact and influenced the movement of large file sharing in the internet. It was only a matter of time before a large number of people started to fill the network with different high quality media, well-known software and games. There are also all kinds of ebooks, documents and else on Torrentz.

Suddenly, an obscene amount of files have mushroomed on the Torrentz torrent tracker because users can rely on the platform. While the Torrentz file sharing system is generally free and actually serving the needs of users, Torrentz is the claimed to be the best P2P sharing method.

P2P file sharing allows for huge amounts of data to be transferred bit by bit, and it is hosted on the Torrentz server, so anytime the user wants to resume the download it is possible but you might get disconnected.

This problem has been fixed with the new Torrentz download software that prevents the user from being disconnected during the download. This type of freedom that the download software gives is what the file sharing sites usually cannot provide, so naturally torrenting quickly and silently made its comeback with the Torrentz downloader.

While it would take its time to become one of the most respected and well-known P2P file sharing site in the interwebs, Torrentz definitely learned a lot of things from the pioneers in the business. Site provide a high quality template with static navigation bar. Using this awesome service any user can get torrent files without registration.

Thousands of torrents were added to and deleted from it every day. Using isohunt bot you can start watching movie or tv show directly from your device if you have a torrent client already installed on it. EZTV is a tv torrent distribution group developed in march It is a best place to find any type to tv program files, site offers more than one magnet links for each tv program, within one second you can easily find, download tv torrent you want.

Its template design very good and site offers advanced search bar to find any type of torrents you want. Over 27 million US unique visitors use this site. Extratorrent can be used with or without registration, it more fast and robust. Torrentfunk is a best platform offers 8,, total torrent 2,, verified torrents are available, site added over torrent daily.

Torrentfunk offer a search bar to find any type of torrent you want, this website offers Upcoming television shows, software, anime, ebooks, adult torrents. Site offer a upload form to upload torrent files. You will need someone with an invite to add you to the site. In second option new members can join only through donation plans. Company features it has high quality torrents, Great speed for downloading, Variety of content.

Limetorrent was developed in it is a meta web crawler on this website millions of files being uploaded, downloaded and shared. Users may browse through the available torrents using a number of different filters and categories to narrow down their results. To download best torrent files from this website you will need to use torrent tracker software.

This site provide multi tracker index facility you cannot put your comments on torrent files. Using it you can download any type of , HD movies, audios and songs.

On this platform over 3. Monova is a best torrenting sites that is growing very fast on the internet. Site offers best user interface for users to understand and in addition to providing the option of downloading digital content through torrent.

Monova attract over 6. Unregistered users can only download torrents but if you want upload a digital file on this website, then first signup and after you can upload files with help of upload function which offers by monova. Hy My friend you know Bitsnoop it is best website to get torrenting facilities you want, Using this awesome brand you can download videos, audio books, bollywood and hollywood high definition movies and softwares. It is a big brand on the web over 1 crore users worldwide use this site to download torrents and search.

This website work as a web crawler to find best torrent and it was founded in Bitsnoop changed domain name zoogle. TorrentDownloads is another best veteran among popular this time. This website has more than 8,, torrent files and with more than 66 crore seeds.

On site homepage top you can see all statistics about sites database and most viewed and downloaded torrents show in middle of the site homepage. Total torrents - 9,, Total Trackers - 8, Total seeds - ,, Total Leeches - ,, Total size of all Torrents - 16, Yify-torrent was founded in On it you can find your favorite torrent files based on different categories like mobile application, tv stuff, wwe videos, softwares, animes etc.

It give more reliable results for you. This valuable for movie lovers. Torrentday provides virus infected, span or password protected torrent files. On this platform yoy will find only verified files.

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