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Is your site IPv6 ready?
A test plan and objective gives you something that you can fall back on to either recreate the observed results, or ground you in the middle of a complicated configuration. The deployment of IPv6 is essential to avoid reaching this situation, and it is the only practical solution to IPv4 exhaustion. Subscribe to Enterprise Networks. This page has received hits since Dec 30 It is important that every web site starts accepting connections via IPv6. Test cases should be developed to find out the performance peaks e. It cannot be understated how important it is to test any new feature that is going to be deployed on the network.

The page can be requested in a few different ways to test your connectivity:

IPv6 Testing Tools

These links won't change a thing for you Link to these results: Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame is a list of all domains that score 5 stars on this website.

Qualifying domains are added to the Hall automatically, and then re-tested frequently. The outcome of the domain test is based solely on DNS and is therefore susceptible to caching.

Concept and implementation by TNX. Graphical design by Vrije Stijl. The redesign of this website has been made possible by SURFnet. When a domain does have IPv6 nameservers, but the IPv6-only test fails, it's usually either because the IPv6 nameservers aren't actually reachable, or because the glue records are missing.

In other words, the IPv6 addresses for the nameservers are not yet registered with the domain registry. Contact your domain name registrar for instructions.

This website or webapp, as some call it was built to help raise awareness about common configuration mistakes, and IPv6 in general. It caters to customers who want to find out if their ISP is doing a good job, and to network and system administrators who need reliable information to resolve the issues. The backend exists to provide a controlled environment for the DNS queries.

This website is meant purely as a testing tool; for information about IPv6, please refer to your favorite search engine. IPv6 is version 6 of the new Internet Protocol. Every networked device and every internet application will need to support this.

For now, most of the internet is dual stacked: You already have IPv6 connectivity , right? How do you know that everything will work correctly when the big day arrives?

You will need to do some testing. A number of enthusiastic engineers across the world have set up public IPv6 sites that you can use to perform all manner of tests. I would like to tell you about some of my personal favorites, and invite you to tell me about your own. Please note that Cisco manages none of the tools mentioned here, and as such cannot offer any assurances about their suitability for use on your network, so insert your own dire sounding legal disclaimers here before continuing.

Here is my attempt to connect with an impaired IPv6 tunnel:. As you can see, that site refers users to its companion site http: In this case, I happen to actually have a global IPv6 address assigned on my device, but the server does not detect it since the IPv6 path is impaired. Upon repairing the malfunctioning IPv6, http: And I can see the more detailed response information from http: There is a similarly named but completely independent test site called http: That site will also perform a connectivity check to AAAA enabled web sites.

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