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Added alternate method to add more trackers July It may collect the username and password for the email account from which you wish to import your contacts and it will only use that information for that purpose. You can select color schemes, fonts, scalable dimensions, logos, and more. As of September [update] , over 21 billion speed tests have been completed. Based on ultimate ease of management, the customers can easily troubleshoot their internet speed.

Starting in , Google launched a competing speed testing service. As of , searching Google for "speedtest. The technology of Speedtest. Together, over 20 million speed tests are generated each month using Ookla's software. In , Speedtest began releasing market reports for different countries and cities, providing raw statistics regarding download and upload speeds for the past year for ISPs and mobile carriers. It also includes analysis of the current ISP and mobile markets of the respective country and breakdowns by region and city.

ISPs and mobile carriers are ranked by their geographic performance. The site offers a service by which groups of friends may compare results against each other and as a group average.

Badges are awarded when either Highest Download or Lowest Ping will be. Users who have been through many internet service providers, or that have more than one, may find value in this tool and could use it to choose the most efficient. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subject , potentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral.

You can share files privately within only people you choose, or publicly with anyone on the Internet. The only requirement is a internet connection. With uTorrent, BitTorrent has never got easier. This guide gets you up to maximum speed with BitTorrent using uTorrent and is great for beginners.

It details all the steps from downloading to optimizing your utorrent and Windows settings. Many people have used and think they are running with optimized settings, even then, it is advised to read through this guide and see what you may have missed to get the best configuration settings. Make sure you are viewing the latest version at this URL! You can also print this guide. All pages of Bootstrike. Com utilize a print friendly CSS, so go to Print Preview in your browser to instantly see how the page will print without the borders and comments.

Starting off with Bittorrent Our top recommended BitTorrent client software, in order of preference is as follows.

This guide will focus on the top most client, uTorrent. As of July , the latest Windows version is 3. For MAC users, some of these tips do not apply to you.

Please see the FAQ below. The configuration part is where most people mess up. Most of us will just click through the dialogs accepting the default values. This may apply to some of us, but not the majority. The below installation guide uses uTorrent Version 3.

Older versions may have some steps missing. Enter the port number in this box: Sometimes the utorrent port checker server may be down - you may get 'page cannot be displayed' or a blank page 'unable to connect' if this is so.

If this is the case, the only way to check is to run the actual torrent. Having done all the above, if the website still says that it has problems accessing the port, the ultimate test will be when we do a test torrent download.

If the button is disabled, reselect the upload speed value and the button should enable again. We need to start a simple download, and the one that will be using is a MB file of Ubuntu! It is a perfectly legal and free file to download so that we wouldn't get into trouble with Dreamhost , Bootstrike's web hosting company. We will be downloading this file purely for testing and delete it later on as it is of no use to us.

Click on the Ubuntu torrent the only item in the list to view more information on it and click on the Info tab below. You will see all the values at the bottom suddenly burst with activity!

Looks like the torrent has a total of 59 seeds and downloaders also known as leechers. The higher the number of seeds vs the number of leechers, the faster you can expect your download!

A seed is a term used to refer to peers whose computers are only sharing the complete file with no downloading activity.

Could it be our ISP throttling? We need to enable this so that the ISP's packet shaping hardware will detect our BitTorrent traffic as normal traffic and hopefully let it pass. From uTorrent version 1. The main benefit is that it provides a new avenue of bypassing ISP throttling limits resulting in..

Hopefully, the above changes will improve speeds. Ultimately, it depends on the number of seeders and peers with high upload rate. Remember, you must upload to enjoy good download rates, but not so high that it affects download speed. This part only applies for public torrents. It is useless for private torrents as they specifically prohibit sharing with other trackers. Look for more public tracker servers that have the file.

However, this tip does not work for torrents that are private i. Only one tracker under Trackers. After getting the same torrent from torrentz. Needless to say, the speed increased tenfold! There are several ways, via Torrentz and Here's how to make your search easier. Now you have the hash value of your torrent. With this hash, you can perform searches to find the exact torrent with additional trackers at most torrent sites.

There can be many versions of a torrent with some differences. You cannot combine different versions with different hashes of a torrent into one torrent. This is why we are using this hash to get the exact same torrent with hopefully more unique trackers. Optimize your TCP settings. We also have a mirror of the file. The following tips were posted in the comments below and found to be useful for some readers. You can try them out too. I have tried all the above and my speeds are still slow!

In fact, it got worse! What can I do? Try downloading a different torrent. A high ratio of seeds to leechers Eg seeds to 10 leechers will make a big difference in speeds. Make sure there is a green light at the bottom or check the possible causes.

Verify your speed by running a speed test from different locations to ensure your connection is fast to the major locations in the world. For example, if you are downloading Chinese torrents, you should select a download location from China or somewhere nearby in the speed test. Finally, try enabling Forced encryption and performing the extra things outlined here.

If speeds still do not improve, we are also not aware of the cause. Perhaps your ISP has managed to break encryption in BitTorrent traffic and is limiting bittorrent connections e. Comcast , especially if they are in this list of Bad ISPs. It supports desktop and mobile. By using Speedtest Intelligence, you can determine how ISPs and mobile carriers perform in locations around the world.

It is the most comprehensive database of crowdsourced connection test results which offers an unparalleled resource to understand real-time global network performance. The advantages are collected matrics, speedtest intelligence portal and raw data.

Based on throughput and line quality track, the company will track more than 20 metrics in each data sample. So, you can break them down by location, client OS, time, browser and more. You can stay informed about changes in mobile and broadband performance with regular access to real-time reports and raw data extracts.

You can assess the performance by accessing the raw data and use it. With the use of Speedtest Mobile app, you can test your mobile network speed very easily wherever you may be. You can see how fast your cellular data connection is whenever you want and wherever you may be. Including your mobile network, the mobile app can able to check the performance of your Wi-Fi network connection.

The speed tests conducted on Wi-Fi connections can be limited by broadband connection speed, Wi-Fi network type, mobile device type, and other relevant factors. Speedtest is very helpful and provides you an easier way to check the internet speed on desktop or PC. It is one click connection under 30 seconds and gives you accurate results. Everyday, the millions of people use this website speedtest.

With the use of this analytical tool, you can get your ping, download, and upload speeds within seconds.

Additionally, you can view real time graphs show connection consistency. Based on assessing the results of internet speed, you can easily troubleshoot or verify the issues for decreasing the internet speed. You can track prior test with detailed reporting. Along with these, you can easily share your results. Whether you want to view the results history or accessing the services with convenience, the company offers you to create an account through the online website speedtest.

Based on creating an account at Speedtest, you can access your historical results and manage your preferences. In order to create an account, you are required to fill out the registration form. The registration process will be completed by sending a confirmation email to the provided address.

You can easily customize your preferences and manage your results history. The global settings included time, date, distance, speed, and server. You can get to view current connection broadband connection speed. The company used to collect the Speedtest results to determine the fastest ISPs and mobile networks in the world. Speedtest global index ranking mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis.

For more local analysis, you can click on a location. Millions of tests can be taken using Speedtest which has been worked diligently to devise the most accurate method for determining the top speeds for fixed and mobile networks. For a given location, it only focuses on ISPs and mobile networks which provide service for a significant number of customers in that geographic area. While one provider might be fastest in the particular city or region because the networks may only serve a small portion of the country.

In order to be included in a geographical area, an ISP or a mobile network must meet a minimum threshold according to the number of unique devices testing each day over a six month period. Consumer initiated tests can be aggregated after completion of sample construction process which enables to create standardized data points that can be used for further statistical analysis.

In order to ensure that the users must get fair representation in the data, the company should construct the samples. The sample represents the cumulative test results which involving the test results for each unique device or user per location, per calendar day. Based on these results, the company can able to focus on improving the accuracy of providing the data and reduces bias from repeated testing or those attempting to skew results.

Other methods can also be incorporated in the Speedtest to curb the fraudulent or inaccurate results. The Speedtest awards for top providers in speed based on a speed score which can be measured by upload and download speed to rank network speed performance. The company assessed the best network speeds attained across a given network without consideration of the performance tier for which an individual is paying.

Additionally, you can also access to ISP service over wired and wi-fi connections. Finally, it considers the tests which are taken on various speedtest applications that connect to a fixed network including test taken on mobile phones through wi-fi connection.

In , Speedtest analyzed the mobile networks rank based on the average speeds of the fastest technology in a market, which was primarily 4G LTE.

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