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In addition, the company announced that Crunchyroll and Sumitomo Corporation had created a joint venture to produce and invest in anime productions. So much camaraderie, socializing, shared interests, etc. Anime industry , anime , Manga , drama , video on demand. Had two people quit without notice recently. As with any high growth environment, it is important to constantly reflect, and take the feedback seriously.

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A tour of Crunchyroll’s office

Joker Game Most popular "Other" choice: Katsuhira and Sonozaki from Kiznaiver 4. Subaru and Rem from Re: Space Patrol Luluco Most popular "Other" choice: Mob Psycho 2. My Hero Academia 3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Most popular "Other" choice: The voting was held from January to early February in three separate rounds.

The winners were announced on 24 February The awards had a number of changes, including having six nominations for all categories and the addition of new categories. The awards also expanded beyond just anime series, with the categories Best Film and Best Manga awarding the best anime film and manga series of the year The awards were presented in a live show hosted by Crunchyroll, by multiple different people of some fame in the western anime community, including many Anime YouTubers.

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Retrieved February 2, Archived from the original on December 22, Retrieved January 12, Retrieved March 6, Retrieved January 13, Video digital distribution platforms. Digital library Streaming media Video on demand. As with any high growth environment, it is important to constantly reflect, and take the feedback seriously. As we scale, we are constantly assessing that we are keeping true to our mission and values.

Crunchyroll is one of the largest digital video businesses in what will become a very crowded area where many new entrants will fail.

Crunchyroll is well-positioned to capture a sizable portion of the value transitioning from traditional cable to new digital models. Crunchyroll has undergone a huge transition in becoming "Ellation". All of these challenges are alleviated with a strong cultural backbone. These are just the first foundational steps -- the mission, vision, and values have to come from a genuine, authentic place and permeate everyday decisions and actions. Answer the following questions: Why are we here?

What's the long-term vision, and how are we planning to achieve it? What do we believe in and what do we cherish as a collective team? How do we motivate our team to accomplish our mission? The number one reason people work here is the other people that work here according to our employee satisfaction survey which is a testament to the company culture.

Employees are passionate about their interests outside of work and this has helped foster stronger relationships, whether its during our ski trips, off sites or hanging out after work. Solid benefits and perks. We went through a bit of an identity crisis when Crunchyroll created its own parent company, Ellation based on the streaming technology developed at Crunchyroll. Keep empowering employees to speak up and promote ideas.

We take pride in having an evolving culture that is influenced by every new talent that we bring on to the team.

We have a passionate team and this is also instilled in our culture. A great office, with everything. All the equipment, all the decor, a gym, a kitchen, brightly lit, in the best location a tech commute could have. Connected to a BART station. Pet are welcome, and the people are generally fans of the services so that's always an enthusiastic plus. Raises have finally come a couple years too late to save MANY who already left, but still very nice.

All the while this is happening there's scandal after scandal in several departments both very public and private as people disappear. No career track or guidance as people leave in disgust for other jobs or are forced out due to favoritism, cronyism, or just plain negligence as people and priorities are shuffled constantly as the entire company spins it's wheels doing nothing and trying a half dozen times to reboot the same thing. So much of the management team has left, and so many others have little to no interest in managing.

Free lunches and dinner 4 times a week. Probably should list that as a con as it's to keep people in the office working while in crunch. No work life balance. HR is catty and talks about employees negatively behind their backs. Had two people quit without notice recently. New employees often left with no guidance or onboarding. Way too many meetings and meetings about meetings. Meetings are just a complaint session where nothing gets resolved or accomplished.

The project is missing technical leadership that would solve all these issues from tech to project management. Stop trying to recruit everyone with a pulse and focus on quality people. Get someone in here that can actually set the project in the right direction. You grew too fast once you became Ellation.

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