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8 Netflix Tricks You Just Can't Live Without
Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Watching Netflix in China is not as difficult as it seems. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Cookies make wikiHow better. A strong week for If the streamer is looking to make cuts to its content, this seems like an obvious candidate.

September 2018

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There is no catch to this process. There is also a cost to signing up and using Netflix. You can watch American movies online in unlimited numbers so the price is worth it. Can you do anything else with an American IP address? Anything in terms of websites that are restricted to American use or blocked from Kuwait are opened up. This includes social media sites, blogs, informational websites and other such things.

It is a whole new internet experience. There are some potential complications with the process. It is possible that the VPN slows down the internet connection. China is known for its extensively strict censorship policies, entering the Chinese market would mean making a separate space for American content in the Chinese region.

According to recent stats, million internet users are based in China. Such staggering numbers have convinced Netflix to not only introduce its services in China, but also to export the movies and TV shows that are being produced in China right now.

But what happened with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube all American websites and streaming channels is not hidden from anyone. China has not only banned them, but has also released its own version of the aforementioned websites.

Netflix, on the other hand, seems reluctant to include a local partner Chinese company while it plans to move ahead with its plan.

The Chinese authorities are hell bent on making things difficult for foreign entertainment industries in China. The authorities have done everything to protect the local industry and therefore have set strict terms and conditions for anyone wanting his service to work in China. If Netflix is to work in China, it will have to get eight licenses from the Chinese government. Otherwise, the users can forget about watching Netflix in China unless they are using a VPN service to do so.

Some recent stats suggest that Netflix is loved and cherished even by the Chinese people who, after the season 3 of House of Cards was released, pirated it more than 60, times within a day! The recent development suggests that Netflix is willing to operate even in China now but the increasing demands of the Chinese government and authorities to protect the local media possess a serious threat to Netflix. The prospect of Netflix in China is promising as it has the most internet users in a single country, but would it be able to capitalize on it?

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