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Iger Andrea Jung Arthur D. Call Siri "Cortana", the name of Microsoft's virtual assistant, and it becomes even more cheesed off. As we dug deeper, we learned that Apple and Nuance were involved in negotiations to make sure this could be a reality. On a Mac or later , say "Hey Siri," then make your request. Her response was intended in jest. If you have any such tricks, you can share with us on our Facebook page. All this is why the response from the community on Reddit was so disheartening to Siri:

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Siri Not Working on iPhone or iPad? How to Fix Siri & Troubleshoot Problems

By the end of the AMA, Siri had received more than 1, comments. Really, she was stating the economic realities of the adult film industry rather than expressing her opinion on torrenting. No matter how you slice it, free tube sites featuring pirated content are making it increasingly difficult for performers like her to earn a living.

I suppose the mentality is that the content, being porn, is not worth anything anyway. That performers are not worth anything anyway. What is interesting about this animosity is that Siri is one of the most beloved adult film stars on the Internet.

Born in Minnesota, Siri decided to enter the adult industry right after graduating college, going live with her Siri Twitter account in June It was four months before the eponymous iOS voice assistant went on the market.

For the record, there is no relationship between the two. Early in , Siri moved with her husband from Texas to the San Fernando Valley to launch her porn career they met on OkCupid and are proudly nonmonogamous.

Almost immediately, she signed with an adult agency and shot her first scene for the production company Reality Kings. While she posts clips of herself shaking her ass or showing off her bruised breasts after rough sex, many of the vines are goofy clips of her applying makeup or singing along to Journey at karaoke. One devoted fan even created a YouTube compilation of her finest Vine moments.

Most performers are fairly active on Twitter and Instagram, attempting to drive traffic to their website by posting naked selfies, custom clips, or sneak peeks from an upcoming scene.

While Siri does that, too, she seems to have touched on a rather novel approach to cultivating an online fan base: Director Lee Roy Myers, who runs the website Woodrocket.

All this is why the response from the community on Reddit was so disheartening to Siri: In the future, Siri has plans to direct and act more in features, both porn and mainstream.

She appeared in her first mainstream role, in the low-budget horror comedy Ooga Booga , last May. So is there a way to force Siri to tell time without going internet?

It would be better if I could make her tell the time in my native language though. The basic answer to your question is that Siri, as of now, still cannot work offline. Cortina on Windows phone can, so there is hope that at some point in the future, Apple will bring that ability to Siri. I have a couple basic quasi-suggestions. The first is to use Voice Control. It's basically what came before Siri, and if you disable Siri, that's what comes up when you hold the Home button.

Here's an article that explains how to use this. I can confirm this is still available on iOS 7, have not checked on newer versions of iOS. The second one is VoiceOver. You can enable in Accessibility settings that when you triple tap the home button or maybe the pause button on the Ear Pods , it activates VoiceOver.

Then the phone will read whatever element of the screen is selected. This works better if you're not listening to music, because then if you just push the home button to turn the screen on, the time will be selected, but if you're listening to music, it'll read your current track position.

What I would personally do is press the pause button on the Ear Pods, then triple-press it to turn on VoiceOver, and hopefully it'll read the time.

If there's no notifications. Siri needs the internet to do voice recognition. It doesn't understand your question without first sending the audio of you asking up to a central processing system. I don't really get how you worded this question but i'll answer it in two ways t could be interpreted.

If when you say something and it isn't specific or he mishears you, underneath the dialogue from you it should say' Tap to edit ' if you tap here you can actually text him and he will just answer back in voice but this is only on the siri window not on iMessage.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can I use Siri to tell me the time without using the Internet? I only use Siri when I need to know the time. And she can't do it 80 percent of the time. Siri speaks Turkish now.

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