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How to View YouTube videos Blocked in your Country

How to Watch Youtube Videos not Available in Your Country
A complete listing can be found here. Any other way to make those videos work in the UK? The video was from MTV channel, Splitsvilla. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. But how would you even know if that video is not blocked in Canada too? Some of these tricks will also work beyond YouTube, and are applicable to other geo-restricted sites like Hulu, as well as audio content on the likes of Pandora and Spotify. Submit a new text post.

YouTube Video Restrictions - API

Quick Way to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in any Country

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Please let us know! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The aptly named Unblock YouTube allows you to select the video quality, and player type. For the latter, you can choose between HTML5 or a Flash player, for those of you using older browsers. If you want to watch YouTube videos on the go using your phone, Hotspot shield offers users a handy and easy way to do just that.

This will allow you to later switch the VPN on and off without having to launch the app at all. On your iPhone, all you have to do is go into the settings, and in the first set of options, switch your VPN on. To find out more about the service, check out our post on Hotspot Shield here Hotspot Shield: Each of these services provides a different way to access blocked YouTube content, but hands down the one service that offers the best options is ProxMate.

It offers users a native YouTube experience, complete with all of the standard features that you expect to find when watching an online video. Your email address will not be published. Can't verify Hotspot Shield, because that is for tablets and I'm using a desktop, but Unblock YouTube fails the exact same way as a direct load, and the ProxMate plugin requires you to create an account with them.

Thank you so much, you just saved my life with unblockyoutube. I was going crazy. Now I'm gonna watch all the videos I couldn't watch before!

Thank you so much! I myself use Proxy. There are many web proxies for unblocking but none of them are without ads, most of them shows ads which make difficult in browsing, i have found good proxy blog which may help you: You can use the unlimited VPN that's provided from Wasel Pro to unblock YouTube and other blocked sites and online services freely without any restrictions problems. It's the best VPN service providers that I have ever used. Try it I hope it works well with you: A simple guess may work - YouTube videos are rarely blocked for US visitors, so a proxy located in the United States should work in most cases, but sometimes YouTube is stricter than that.

Some YouTube videos are blocked for the entire world except for a few select countries. Fortunately, YouTube provides an API that returns detailed information on any YouTube video such as the list of countries where that video is made available.

We simplified it even further, by providing this easy to use tool to check the region restrictions for any YouTube video. This tool was moved to a new location! Click here to go there. Where to find proxies for YouTube? Once you know exactly what countries are allowed to watch that particular YouTube video, the last step is finding a working proxy that's located in one of those countries. The simplest and the fastest way would be to use web-proxies because they're more reliable than proxy servers.

Proxy Servers by Country

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