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ARCHIVED: What is a network's default gateway, and how can I find out what mine is?
Compliance is Not Enough: Type "ipconfig" at the command prompt and press "Enter. The router is an intermediate device between computer and broadband modem. What is Cloud Print and how is it used? Note - As am planning to use the local computer i.

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Understanding and Providing Default Gateway in Windows 8

A common and simple cause of this kind of issue is that the cable from the modem has been incorrectly connected to a LAN port of the router instead of the WAN Internet port.

For the laptop to have that IP address while connected to the router, this would mean that the router is not routing at all. Well I plugged in the cable to my computer and then it showed the gateway as Were you using your router as an access point? If so that's why it won't come up as If that's not the case you could reset your router to factory state by clicking on the pinhole for 30 seconds and it will go back to factory state. I have done that and I plugged in the ethernet cable into my laptop port and it still showed the same IP address.

Even the same I don't get what's wrong. When I went to the authentication page the username I typed in "admin" and password "password" failed.

It said Document Error: Denied access wrong password. Connect your laptop to the router using an Ethernet cable, to one of the router LAN ports. So with just the laptop connected to the router, power cycle the router and reboot the laptop. No Ethernet adapter Ethernet: Wednesday, December 2, Thursday, December 3, The reason I suggested using an Ethernet cable from the laptop to the router is so that there would be no doubt that the computer is communicating with the router.

You have used a wireless connection so can you be totally sure that your computer was associated with the Netgear router at that time? When you attempt to access the router at Could you post a screen grab please? Can you please connect to the router using an Ethernet cable and disable WiFi at the laptop? I will do so when I have the opportunity, but for now I have a photo of what the GoAhead thing I was talking about looks like:.

I no longer have a WNDR, but for all the other routers I currently have running the text in the login box is The site says: Microsoft Windows [Version Yes Ethernet adapter Ethernet: Friday, December 4, Alright so to be sure I understand, first I unhook the modem from the router, then I do the power cycle which is below the power supply right?

Do I do this with the ethernet cable still plugged in as well? The router is normally used to share internet for more users so today every home and office using routers. The router is an intermediate device between computer and broadband modem. The users have to give connection for these devices with Ethernet cable. The router setting is another essential issue to protect sharing internet. The users should enter After getting interface users can make some changes without any technical knowledge.

The password, username and limitation and other security issues are mostly performed by router settings. Generally every router user has to know about these simple procedures to easily access and do some important privacy settings issues. This is not true in all cases. Some people may be even more freaky. Community Home Community Browser: Join Now Log In Help. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. For example, to change the default gateway of the eth0 adapter to You'll be prompted for your user password in order to complete the command.

Open the configuration file in an editor. Editing your configuration file will keep your changes every time the system restarts. Navigate to the correct section. Find the section for the adapter you want to change the default gateway for.

For a wired connection, this is usually eth0. For example, type gateway Save your changes and exit. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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