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The PM urges EU leaders to focus their minds on getting a deal, saying talks will not be extended. An iPlayer application for the PlayStation 3 was announced by Sony in August and was released on 1 September along with the Firmware 3. At the time of launch BBC HD content is not available, though high and standard video quality are available on all programmes. This page was last edited on 28 August , at Ryanair investors 'may lose voting rights' UK shareholders are concerned about their rights in the event of a hard Brexit ahead of the AGM.

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No problem, you can create an account for a more child-friendly experience and your little ones can watch all of their favourite shows from CBBC and CBeebies! Download to watch on the go anywhere, anytime. Browse a wide selection of categories and channels and watch immediately on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The device uses performance cookies for internal purposes to help us improve the app. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu. This update contains bug fixes and enhancements. Thoughts and feedback welcome bbciplayer on Twitter or facebook. Find out more at https: Our favourite BBC shows, whenever we want? With the option to download and watch offline, we actually look forward to commutes and long flights. And the range of programmes is astounding—from the newest and best to iconic old classics.

Such a poor upgrade, it's so tricky to navigate. Other channel's apps are so more succinctly designed. It's do difficult finding programs, the icons are huge on the individual channel pages, eg it takes ages to scroll through just a few films.

The home page is random, it's not always obvious how to locate ie the second episode in a series you've watched as only the first episode is displayed on the home page.

There's no way to simplify the a-z search so you have to scroll through over programmes in the documentary section, why can't i eg just press the 'a' sections or it's in a separate section in a grid format? I just don't think the navigation is intuitive enough.

It's not immediately apparent how you watch live tv, my dad couldn't find it At the end of , a newer platform was launched which facilitated use of the new BBC iPlayer Desktop replacement for Download Manager and other "BBC iPlayer Labs" features such as adjustable video windows and user feedback options.

On 1 April , this Desktop Manager was updated to version 1. The iPlayer team released the next-generation of the iPlayer, calling it the iPlayer 3. BBC ID was also added to allow users to access their iPlayer settings from a variety of devices and Favourite shows so the users get notified when new episodes of their favourited shows are available. The only other feature of the new-look iPlayer discussed was a new embeddable video player, being rolled out across the whole of the BBC's online presence.

On 19 June on the live TV channels it added a rewind to start button. The iPlayer Desktop application was replaced with the simpler iPlayer Downloads application, from which some features were dropped, for example live streaming. There is a new home screen along with new channel pages that also use the same responsive design that the rest of the BBC sites now use.

It no longer restores the volume level or play point from the previous session. In early , regional opt-outs for 15 English regions were introduced so regional programming could be watched live. In this case, it is BT Replay. On 23 July the first subscription-free digital terrestrial device to include iPlayer went on sale in UK retailers. The Trust concluded that the clarification amounted to a significant change to the syndication guidelines which should have been referred to the Trust for approval before publication.

On 2 November , it was announced that a beta release of BBC iPlayer for Freesat would be released on 7 December to a limited number of Freesat viewers. On 20 January , Sony released software update 1.

Harvard International is therefore offering a replacement high definition receiver to anyone affected. On 4 May , the managing director of Freeview , Ilse Howling, announced expectations that iPlayer-enabled Freeview boxes would be available in At the time of launch BBC HD content is not available, though high and standard video quality are available on all programmes.

On 30 April the iPlayer service was fed directly to Virgin Media 's 3. Pressing the 'red button' while watching a BBC channel on TV will bring up the iPlayer service without the user having to access the web. As of 21 July , iPlayer on Virgin Media had received Unlike the previous implementation, the application streams over the internet rather than utilising Virgin's video-on-demand service, to comply with the BBC's then proposed syndication policy. At launch the BBC iPlayer app contained options to resume watching recent programmes, access favourites, browse the most popular shows, find similar programmes or more episodes, included integrated search and was the only service to feature HD video.

Additionally, they announced that BBC iPlayer would continue to be free to access and would not be part of the PlayStation Plus subscription service. However, the Autumn update to the Wii's Internet Channel resulted in the iPlayer's no longer working on updated consoles.

The BBC cited their policies in resource management as the reason. BBC confirmed [] that this application was set to be released on Nintendo 's Wii U at launch, but due to some issue, it was delayed. The BBC commented in December , saying: Whilst we are working to bring BBC iPlayer to Xbox One in the future, we have no further details to share at this time. In January , a report by a BBC programmer announced that an issue with the Kinect sensor had caused the app's delay. He added that all Xbox One apps have to offer gesture and voice controls, as well as Snap features and media achievements.

On 23 June , after many months of complaints from Android users, BBC iPlayer officially announced support for the Android platform. Users can navigate to the usual BBC iPlayer website, and a mobile website is displayed.

As a result of the BBC's decision to use Adobe Flash Player to handle video playback for Android devices on this website, users must be using Android 2. There was also an unofficial but functional application for the Google Android platform called myPlayer but all BBC content was removed in November as the service was alleged to be in breach of the BBC terms of use. On 8 February the BBC announced that Android, alongside the iPad , would be amongst the first two platforms to receive a native iPlayer application.

On 5 November , an official BBC iPlayer app that allows users to stream live television and radio, and catch-up on previously aired content became available for download on BlackBerry OS 5. An update released on 12 December allowed streaming over 3G. Non-iPhone users were found to be watching and downloading streams intended for iPhone users allowing them to play them on alternative devices.

The BBC introduced specially crafted web bugs, referrer checks and download chunk limits, such that only devices exhibiting this behaviour, i. A cycle of updates and reverse engineering has followed such that all the various streams, both for the iPhone and Flash streaming service, are now able to be downloaded without the need for decryption or DRM circumvention.

The server checks the client's certificate and only accepts connections for those issued to Apple. This change to the protocol not only prevents access to non-Apple devices but also disables use by a number of early generation iPod Touch devices. On 18 September , the BBC announced that a version will become available to the Nokia N96 mobile phone as a download service to allow viewers to watch programmes even when they are out of reach of Wi-Fi or 3G networks.

Available on the Windows Phone Store. BBC Store codenamed Project Barcelona will launch in the UK and will open the archive to consumers and allow them to buy a show and download it. Before the launch in December , the BBC had hoped the service would reach half a million users in its first six months.

In its first year, , growth continued at an impressive rate. By April, the iPlayer accounted for around five percent of all UK Internet traffic, [] and had approximately five million page views per day by June. In the month of October , it was revealed that the site experienced 70 million requests and transferred seven petabytes of data.

The success of iPlayer may be down to a " long tail " effect, with users seeking out niche programmes; programmes broadcast on digital channels are doing remarkably well. The demands of the iPlayer have met with some concern and criticism from UK ISPs due to the added bandwidth the service will need. The BBC responded by saying that the iPlayer was driving demand for broadband subscriptions.

By May , the site was getting million monthly play requests. During the and iPlayer trials, the digital rights management DRM system used was based on Microsoft's Windows Media DRM , which led to concerns about cross-platform availability, as this technology is available only for Windows XP.

However, some users have managed to get it working using compatibility options in Microsoft's Windows Vista. Ashley Highfield , then BBC's director of Future Media and Technology, explained that "we have always started with the platform that reaches the most number of people and then rolled it out from there".

They also point out that not all of the content delivered through the iPlayer will be subject to DRM — live streaming content, for instance, may not need the same level of control, presumably implying that players for OS X and Linux systems could be developed with a restricted range of content.

However, a project was started to enable the iPlayer to work with other platforms via the Wine project. Brown criticised the BBC for what he claimed was a break from previous tradition: However, most radio programmes can be accessed globally, with the exception of a few programmes, mainly sports broadcasts, that are affected by rights issues.

An international version of the iPlayer was launched on 28 July in eleven western European countries, [35] after receiving the approval of the BBC Trust in November The global iPlayer app includes some features that are not in the UK version, including the ability to stream shows over 3G as well as Wi-Fi , and a downloading feature to store programmes on one's mobile device for offline viewing.

Launches in Australia and Canada followed by the end of as part of what was intended to be a one-year pilot. Although US availability was also anticipated in , an American launch date was never announced. Reports from the summer of claimed that American cable providers threatened to drop BBC America if the iPlayer, which duplicates much of the content on the cable channel, were made available in the US market.

The service is only available to Starhub subscribers who have subscribed to the BBC channels package in Singapore. Access for Streamyx subscribers with the same Hypp. TV package was added a few months later. In , the BBC's April Fools' joke was a press release announcing the availability of the iPlayer on a specialised toaster, supposedly for users to watch breakfast television. The volume control of the iPlayer goes up to 11, apparently a nod to a scene about an amplifier volume control that goes up to eleven in the rock mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved 31 May Retrieved 24 July Archived from the original on 18 July Retrieved 15 May Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 14 May Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 25 October In this land of beauty and peril, the dramatic lives of animals are all bound together. BBC America subscribers can also watch full episodes on our mobile app, available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports BBC America's full episode service and you must have BBC America as part of your cable package.

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