KickAss Torrents is BACK, and now its biggest movie group has returned too

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*Latest* Kickass Proxy – List of 50 very fast Kickass Torrents Proxies & Mirror Sites
Torrent sites are popular all the time, it is one of the biggest directories on the internet for a good number of torrent files to get the magnetic links for software, games, ebooks, music, movies, TV shows. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With millions of indexed torrents, KickassTorrents has become one of the most prominent torrent search tools in the recent decade. Action , Science Fiction. Today I tried 2 sites:

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KickAssTorrents is BACK (and this time - it looks like it's here to stay)

Now it has more than 10 million files being shared on the whole, as hundreds of thousands of users communicate and share data daily in different languages worldwide. The ad-free version with faster speed and more benefits is there for registered users. Since the beginning of , KickassTorrents holds its place in top 3 of the most used torrent sites. Its user activity and the number of members is growing rapidly. With millions of indexed torrents, KickassTorrents has become one of the most prominent torrent search tools in the recent decade.

The service is available for anyone who wants to use it without them having to register. Any user can try the service out and explore its features and uses without ever having to sign up.

The registration is completely voluntary and is not necessary to use the basic features. However, when one registers for KickassTorrents, he gains access to numerous other tools that he could not use before.

The Pirate Bay search will be more comprehensive and enjoyable for those who do take the time to submit a registration.

The content available is nearly inexhaustible with thousands of new torrents being added daily. While it works like and is labeled as a search engine, KickassTorrents is not normal search engine. While it does perform customizable searches, the results are files rather than pages. These files come from the countless users who participate in the service. Anyone can share their audio and video files over the torrent portal while the site monitors submissions to verify their safety. The technical definition of the site is a directory, collection several millions of files from individual users.

This allows for collaboration of a worldwide network of people to share their files and help others benefit while benefiting themselves. Any upcoming music artist can share their songs with the world to gain a following and build to a future more glamorous career. Amateur videographers can share their movies to get their name out there as they build a portfolio.

They can either find useful and enjoyable files, or gain a presence on the web. It was in the year that KickassTorrents made its debut and instantly won widespread recognition. Since then, the site has given a very helpful tool to multiple millions of users. The site design and functionality is the same as the official KickAss Torrents site.

We are not sure if this site was resurrected by the official KAT team or not. But the site is running before the crackdown so this could be one of the many clone sites of KickAssTorrents. So if you are facing problem as the official KickAss Torrents site is down you can use this site for now. The search functionality is also working now.

I checked the site and found that the search option is working but it has annoying popup window for every click although I am using popup blocker. This one is the only official Kickass Torrent site brought back by the KickassTorrent community. Actually the site design and functionality is completely same as the original site.

You can use the torrent files without any problem. All torrent links are working. This kickasstorrent mirror is maintained by official staffs and found that the homepage is redesigned which is cool. Extratorrent is also another popular torrent site. A de facto replacement of KickAss Torrents original site.

You can use Extratorrent as KickAssTorrents is down right now. The torrent files are categorized and the search function enables you to search for your desired torrent files. This site is the most popular with 30,, Unique Monthly Visitors from around the world. Extratorrent has feature rich dashboard with latest and popular torrents. TorrentDownloads is also a great KickAss Torrents alternative site. It has minimal site design with awesome features of KickAssTorrents.

You can download torrent files with Magnet link or by downloading. All torrent links are working as for now. The server is fast and working.

The site receives decent traffic although most of the site moderators and admins has abandoned the ship. Some readers posted about these KickAssTorrents Mirror websites. We will give the list of it below will be updated again.

The safest solution is the Magnet links. You should only use Magnet links till we confirm the official version of the KickAssTorrents site.

The strict copyright laws in most of the countries make the torrent lover uncomfortable. Remember those notices the ISP gave you?

ISP and Copyright trolls are working together to hunt down torrent users. So the best practice will be to protect your online identity and download torrent files as well. So we recommend VPN for torrenting. Thus your ISP, Govt. So if you are downloading torrent files using any KickAssTorrents alternative site your online activity will be protected by the VPN software. So Free VPN will ban you if you download torrent files using their service sooner or later.

You can find some cheap torrent vpn here. You will get 7 Day Money Back Guarantee! So these were some of the working KickAssTorrents alternative site that you can use and they are quite similar site to the official kickass torrents site. Let us know which site you think as the best KickAssTorrents Alternative in the comment section.

Top 50 most popular torrent sites updated Kickass was the best. The other present websites cant take its place. Although there is a possibility of a new Successful torrent site emerging from all this. We previously saw different alternatives sites became more popular.

In my view, Extratorrent is gonna replace KickAssTorrents in future. Not a single site. Jeez loosing them is like loosing a family member or a leg or arm. Why was he arrested? Is it illigal to link to torrents? In that case how about arresting everyone at Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search sited. I would not consider this as a replacement. Notice the age of the torrents links. They are fairly old and have been around for a while. So sick of greedy corporate a-holes.

KAT did not pirate all it did was file share. Next thing ya know the entire internet will be a pay by page deal. Way too many worthwhile things to spend on that this. This shit happens …. Walks, Bakers Walk,Corporations Walk…. Recently i come to know that the owner of the kat website has been arrested and due to this the website is currently shutdown.

The US demands other countries do what it itself would never do if the shoe was on the other foot. Most extradition treaties with America are one way only: Listen, world…the American people by and large are like people everywhere, you get the the good, the bad and the ugly and people trying to earn a living and not partake in assholery for no reason.

With them you get only the bad and the ugly and a lot of assholery for no good reason. Because Hollywood and the major labels are not content with the billions they rake in every year…they want ALL of it and will pay the government to destroy the lives of peaceful citizens in the US and abroad to make a few more bucks. I am heartbroken over kickasstorrents and the founder. I went there everyday for about 4 years.

No torrent site comes close. I been so lost with my torrent search every damn site has pop ups and shit. I second what you said. To be honest I never heard of this before this post. Thank you for increasing my knowledge. I guess the saying is true you learn something new everyday. I often use it to support my work and always take the updated version.

It is one of important component. Zbigz gives very low speed KBps. Compare it with Filestream, It gives you unlimited speed for free users. Hope now you can eat all bandwidth of your University and download lots of torrent files from your university network! Keep going ahead with many more interesting posts.

I used to be more than happy to find this net-site. I wished to thanks in your time for this glorious read!! I undoubtedly having fun with each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post. Best torrent sites for TV series. Kickass Torrent Alternative sites. Table of contents What is Torrent? In this complete guide series we are going to represent to you these online websites: First visit Bitport and create a free account.

Also verify your email. Copy Magnet links from BitTorrent sites and paste it on BitPort site Bitport will take a few minutes and upload it to their server.

After the caching process is finished you will get a direct torrent download link. You can stream Videos to all devices. Download speed will be moderate i.

Features of Bitport Premium Account for secure torent Download: If you can simultaneously download 5 files at a time. On-line Streaming on all your devices is supported. You can watch movies without downloading them fully on your Computer now. Fully secure HTTPS connection so nobody can pry into what you are doing and it has built in Antivirus program to keep you safe from Virus and Malware contained in a torrent.

You may want a step by step guide with picture which you will get here: How to Download torrent files with Filestream: First, visit Filestream and sign up using your Email id. Here are some Premium Coupon codes that you can use while signup and get 1 Day Premium facility for free. You can get torrent files from different torrent sites sites and Copy magnet link of the torrent files you want to download like below Now paste this magnet link to your Filestream dashboard Click on the Download Button and IDM will start downloading the files from torrent to filestream server.

You can also upload torrent files which has a file extension. You will get your torrent files on your Filestream dashboard by now.

After the caching process is complete you will get options to download the file. Click on the Download button that appears right to your filename. If the download does not start then right click on the download link and copy the download link. Open IDM and paste the download link. If you download torrent frequently then use Filestream premium subscription to get your file cached very fast. Usually Free users get less priority.

So though you will get faster speed while downloading torrent using Filestream the premium accounts get the top priority Filestream Premium Account Features: Download torrents with idm using Premium account which has the following features: You can download torrent file upto GB filesize limit.

Do you need more than GB for a single torrent file? All torrent files will be stored for 20 Days and you can download your files anytime before expiry date. And if you use Internet Download Manager to download torrents then you will get the most of your Bandwidth because IDM can simultaneously download several parts of a file and this makes a faster download experience.

Premium accounts gives you 30 streams for a single file that means IDM can split a file into 30 pieces and start download all parts at once. Thus IDM download manager and Filestream premium service can work together to give you highest download speed possible on this earth. You can fetch files from 13 file hosting sites i. Maximum priority while caching torrent files Filestream Free Account Features: Maximum filesize limit 1GB.

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