Cinemax’s Banshee Sets Season 2 Premiere Date; What’s Next For Lucas Hood?

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I have watched the reruns over and over again. Carrie is let out of prison. Release date to be confirmed at the show's Cinemax channel. It gives you elements you won't see in most popular tv shows with detail both in sex, violence and more. The problem is, Banshee is turning into just another show about a lawman with a colorful past that may not do everything by the book, but--he gets results!

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Banshee season 5 release date - Ended on Cinemax

Have a nice day Regards Sj. Marla Gambuto Love and miss it!! Lesley Williams We want a season It's the best thing since The Walking Dead. The final episode was too weak just to end it there. Sammy G My wife and I looked forward to Friday nights. Please continue the show again. Beverly Mack You must continue doing Series. I have over 20 people watching this and we're waiting for Season 5.

Jude Watters Love the story, the actors, the humor, the fights, the sex, the cinematography, the imagination, and appreciated all the thought and effort that must have gone into the series! Hoping for Season 5!!!! Tina Salazar Best series I've ever watched. I have watched the reruns over and over again. Plots are fresh, never boring. It is the best series that has ever been made. I wish it would run from now on. It was the best program with the best actors of all time.

Its an excellent show! Banshee nr 1 serial. So sorry it has ended. Please please bring it back. Why in the world. Barbara Hamel Toni Evans The season finale also set a new record, with , viewers, and a total of , for the evening including repeat showings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Banshee Genre Action Drama Crime thriller. List of Banshee episodes. Odette Annable as Nola Longshadow: A prisoner who served time with Hood.

Carrie and Gordon's son. Employee at Banshee's Sheriff Department. The real Lucas Hood's son. Key enforcer for the Aryan Brotherhood in Banshee, who works for Kai. Rabbit"'s brother and a priest. A former officer of the Kinaho Reservation Police Department before becoming a Banshee deputy, who is now considered an outcast by his own people.

The sole honest officer in the corrupt Kinaho Reservation Police Department. A cajun fight club owner whose star fighter is Chayton Littlestone. A black ops agent. The wife of Calvin Bunker, who wants a better life for her and her son. An FBI agent who is incredibly reckless and also has personal demons of her own. She is hunting down a serial killer who has just arrived in Banshee.

A satanist and a serial killer. A powerful member of the cartel. A smart, tough and streetwise Banshee deputy who is also working as a mole for Proctor.

Retrieved February 12, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved February 23, Archived from the original on January 31, Retrieved January 31, Archived from the original on March 1, Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved April 26, Sheriff steals the show".

Lucas questions an Amish teacher who is known to be violent and somewhat radical. Chayton attempts an escape while being transported. Proctor uses his special brand of magic to find his nephew.

Nola delivers final justice for Lana Cleary. Carrie is let out of prison. Lucas is waiting on her. They take a detour to the house they talked about so long ago. They are not alone in their dream. Someone has followed them there. Is it Agent Racine? Gordon and Deva find that they need Carrie in their lives and Rebecca receives a lesson in loyalty from Proctor. Meanwhile, Jason Hood's past catches up to him.

Hood goes after Proctor with a vengeance after he discovers that Proctor was behind Jason's death. Max has a severe asthma attack. Gordon and Carrie discuss their options. Alex Longshadow faces a no-confidence vote by the Tribal Council. Job gets a lead on the whereabouts of Rabbit.

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