How To Create Instagram Account on PC/Computer

Create an Instagram account

How to Create Instagram Account & Use it on Windows PC or Mac (without Phone)
On some computers if you visit the Instagram website it will allow you to sign up there. Either open a mobile browser on your iPhone or open a browser on your computer. Thanks for sharing this information, I can always pass to see the latest publications. Go to the Instagram website to create an Instagram account. Accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

Creating an Account & Username

Create Instagram Account | Instagram Sign Up - Instagram Login

Today I am going to share some workarounds about Instagram. Instagram is a apps for mobile phone and best to use in mobile device. Instagram is for Android, IOS installed in phone. You might be facing problem while using Instagram on PC.

Bluestacks is an American tech company that produces the BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross products. BlueStack is Android amulater that let you to run Android apps on windows or Mac. To start using it,head on to BlueStack website. Download and installed the software on your PC. BlueStack help to download android apps directly on PC. Instapic is fully fledged Instagram client for windows 8. Instapic help you to upload photo , edit pic, view timeline etc.

You can sign in to your existing account. Pixta is another good apps for windows PC. Pixta provided the best experience on PC with its sexy interface. Pixta is really nice, elegent and well design apps for desktop.

At the very first step you have to sign into your instagram account. Gramblr is also nice apps it also help you to upload photo to instagram. Gramblr app is limited only photo upload. Instagram neighter cropping nor editing can be done. Gramblr is nice to use in combination with Pixta.

You cannot use the same email for your second Instagram account. For this reason, I found it easiest to use my Phone number. Here you can add a profile photo, your name, and create a password.

Now we need to create your username. This will be your Instagram handle [username]. You can always change this later, but I find it easier to spend some time choosing mine now. Instagram will automatically suggest a username based on the name you provided in the last step. You can tap the circular arrow next to the checkmark or X to have Instagram generate another random username.

It will then ask if you want to Connect to Facebook. Instagram will then want to search your contacts to see if anyone in your contacts has an Instagram you might want to follow. Either tap Search for Contacts or Skip. Instagram will direct you to your new home page and your other Instagram account will automatically be connected to this new one. Ready to switch between your two accounts? To add an account on Instagram:. The next part of our article will show you how to switch between your accounts.

I even logged out of all of my accounts, thinking that would do the job. According to Instagram, this should have worked. Let me know if it worked for you in the comments below. Only do this if you want to delete the account, not just remove it. Remember that if you do this, everything associated with that account will be deleted. However, the other accounts connected to it will remain untouched.

Instagram Sign In from App

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