5 Things to Know About Paying With Your Phone


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Instead, they generate tokens—random to digit numbers that look and work like credit card numbers, but are useless if stolen. Token service providers, such as a bank or credit card network, can further strengthen transaction security by configuring tokens to work only with a specific retailer, below a certain dollar limit, or before a designated expiration date. Once you register your cards with the mobile wallet applications, the information is stored in a token vault managed by the service provider.

If you lose your phone or smart watch, simply deregister your credit cards from the mobile provider account accessible at icloud. Keep in mind, not all apps on your phone use tokenization. At checkout, you currently either swipe your card or insert it into the chip reader. The latter option will eventually become the only choice when you use a physical card: Card networks prefer chip cards for their stronger security, and merchants without a chip reader are now liable in the event of fraud.

The problem is, it takes 13 seconds on average to pay with a chip card, while swiping or using a mobile wallet takes only six seconds, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

To pay with your phone, hold the device close to the terminal until it buzzes or beeps, then scan your fingerprint or type in your PIN to complete the transaction. Mobile wallets can perform some other tricks, like reminding you before a coupon expires or offering reward points just like credit cards.

Think of the app as a smart binder, where you can keep your loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards, tickets, and boarding passes, all of which update in real time. And you can save money: To sweeten the pot—and capture new customers this holiday season— Apple , Google , and Samsung are each offering exclusive deals for their wallet users. Samsung Pay is also giving out quadruple points per transaction between Dec.

So if you want to retain that feeling in the hand, TUDIA designed the case with tempered glass on the back of the case that also adds extra protection. By doing this, they've managed to maintain the look and feel of the Essential Phone which is pretty great. This one-piece case is made of TPU and features carbon fiber accents along the top and bottom, along with textured sections along the sides.

The design of this case is not compatible with the degree camera attachment, but it does offer great protection for your phone while keeping the camera, fingerprint sensor, and buttons fully accessible.

One of our favorite cases is the Spigen Rugged armor case, but Spigen didn't design cases for the Essential Phone. Fortunately, TUDIA stepped up and offers a very similar one with some extra accents that should help with grip along the sides.

This functional wallet case combines synthetic leather or fabric with a soft and clear TPU shell on the inside to provide top-notch protection for your phone. Looking to add some extra functionality to your phone carry? A wallet case lets you store your ID, credit card, and some cash right along with your phone so everything you need for a night out is in one place.

There's a magnetic closure to keep the front flap closed when not in use, and it can also be folded over to be used as a kickstand for watching videos. The Poetic Guardian is a full-body case that includes a front plate with a built-in screen protector.

Combining soft and shock absorbing TPU with rigid PC bumpers offers great protection for your phone and a clear back panel to show off the design of your phone. Looking for something that combines flashy design with rugged protection? Check out these Poetic Guardian cases which combine quality protection along with the views of a clear case.

It's a thin case made of polycarbonate material that offers basic protection against drops and scratches — except it also leaves the top corner of the back exposed so you can attach the degree camera without removing the case. If you want to get the most out of the Essential Phone and that camera accessory, then you might be interested in this case from TUDIA.

This rugged case offers triple-layer protection for your phone so that your phone is always well protected — but if the moment strikes you and you want to capture some degree videos or photos, simply fold down the top half of the back of the case and voila!

You have access to the accessory port for attaching that camera. This case option is the best solution we've found for keeping your Essential Phone protected while also accommodating the degree camera.

Updated pricing information and removed options that are no longer available. These are still the best options for the Essential Phone! This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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