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Office of Personnel Management data breach
Retrieved 23 July Run a scan of the ports, and try pOf, or nmap to run a port scan. Reactor room under the stairs. The writer is trusting that the people with this information will not do anything illegal. Mass Bay Medical Center. Fallout 3 , Fallout: What will it take to save this blue marble we call Earth?

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Hacking Shadowplay: ‘Guccifer’ Claims ‘Guccifer 2.0’ is US Government Entity

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I would not be worried about Kaspersky ALL the other major 'seecurity' players are crapware, nagware, or spyware That is why that ship ran aground on the Breton coast of France Chinamalware in WinPro that was running critical ships systems at the time according to the British Press who interviewed American officers who were supposed to be in the know according to them.

British press has had a reputation for telling the unvarnished truth and are trusted all over the world for that. Then there is McAfee, the used to be good stuffware in the 's that turned evil when it was bought out by some monopoly. Then it became a vicious nag and resource hog and virtually undeletable. The chip, which ultimately was doomed by its technical shortcomings, was an attempt to ensure government access to encrypted communications. They concluded that each approach had significant security risks.

The hackers could then read secret messages for their own purposes — a huge risk. In an environment in which cybersecurity was an increasing priority, and in which encryption was a partial defense against many data breaches and hackers, it seemed unwise to do anything that might weaken cryptographic standards.

While the Clipper Chip effort to use public processes to create weaknesses in cybersecurity had failed, the National Security Agency had, in secret, worked to undermine certain popular encryption algorithms. In addition to direct attempts to break encryption with mathematical methods, an NSA project code-named Bullrun included efforts to influence or control international cryptography standards, and even to collaborate with private companies to ensure the NSA could decode their encryption.

The risk of backdooring encryption to enable government access was too high. Doing so would weaken overall security too much to make up for any brief improvements in public safety or national security. Then came the San Bernardino attack. Inspired — but not directed — by foreign terrorist groups , they killed 14 people and wounded 22 more during their violent rampage.

Before the attack, Farook had physically smashed up two personal cellphones, rendering their data unrecoverable. He left untouched his work phone, an iPhone 5c issued by San Bernardino County. To get around this, the United States government used a law from the earliest days of the republic, the All Writs Act , to try to compel Apple to write software that would break the encryption and grant the FBI access.

Apple refused , saying that doing so would weaken the security of every iPhone on the market, and a court showdown began. The Apple-FBI case nicely encapsulates much of the debate around encryption: And yet, even when the stakes were as high as the government said they were in the San Bernardino case, encryption would remain secure.

As this all unfolded, and in the face of a wide range of significant opposition, a bill to mandate backdoors was introduced and failed in the United States Congress.

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