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Sonicwall TZ210 NetExtender installation issues
NTService - Service stop message handler found. However, I don't know what driver it's referring to. It's not just about Wi-Fi connectivity anymore. As it was remarked that most links in the existing answers were dead and not much information was available, I thought to list below some resources that still exist:. NetExtender worked after a fresh uninstall and reinstall.

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One of Sonicvwall's fixes for this is to delete the NetExtender client. Are they a domain user? Let me know how it goes! If not, give it a shot. So I have a second laptop now with the same issue. I did remote in on this laptop while at the users home and check. When the NetExtender tries to connect an error message comes up.

Error and something about RAS. He is running Windows 7. I have tested my laptop from home and I am still working correctly using Windows 7. Can you provide the complete error? Do you also have the global VPN client installed? What version of firmware is on the sonicwall?

The following describes the error, it's cause, and how to get around it. Carlmd, Did perform the info in the link you sent and still have same issue.

I am attaching the logs from NetExtender for review. Here are a few more to try They used a user ID that was not recognized by our new IT department so they proceeded to disable and move the account to the disabled users group a couple of weeks back. Since the user was moved it caused the LDAP to stop working and of course caused my issue. When you put the hostname that you use to connect to it into a browser it takes you to a page that has links where you can download client software to connect to the VPN box.

From here there are links to down Linux VPN client software. The only other branding that I've noticed on the download page is that it says nortel in the title page, and "Aventail Connect with smarttunneling", on the side of the download page. I wrote up on my blog about this as well, http: I included some screenshots in that post of the various pages where you can download the Aventail VPN client software. As it was remarked that most links in the existing answers were dead and not much information was available, I thought to list below some resources that still exist:.

The NetExtender clients and others can be downloaded from the Clients Download page and installation notes are available in this Knowledge Base article. Here are the links from the above page:. The Program is called NetExtender. Note that NetExtender is a gui app intended to run from a desktop session. If you want something that'll run at system level, you'll have to go for OpenSwan or similar.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. JesperE 3 11 I found a knowledge base page on their site that explains how to install the VPN client for linux. Not sure if this can help. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Get every solution instantly with Premium. Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats MSI" and install this one. Dang, forgot to put that in the notes above Yes, I tried the downloaded NetExtender which was the solution for one of the two machines that worked.

Unfortunately, for the other three, it's still the same issue using that file. I've been going round and round with SonicWALL tech support which, if I may editorialize for a few words, is less than adequate. I'm finding a few line items in the debug log that are troubling: I honestly think that this points to the crux of the problem. However, I don't know what driver it's referring to.

Does anyone have any detailed knowledge on the installation of NetExtender that might be able to peel this back? I also had problems using NetExtender. I've installed and reinstalled version NetExtender. Problem was that the logon screen showed only "Old password" and "New password" input fields. I was not able to use NetExtender. I also faced the problem with services. Through a collegue we came on another forum. Well, I was able to find out what the problem was.

It looks like Sunbelt's Vipre Antivirus was the villain. The current version of Vipre 4. The suggestion from SonicWall was this:

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