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NET CMS in the world, and how it can put a rocket into your business whilst remaining flexible and user friendly.

Festival entry is included when you attend one of the courses! Secure your spot on one of the courses now. This is your chance to contribute and work with other community members and some of Umbraco's finest! This is a meet and greet event for you to get to know other Umbracians from Australia and abroad. The main event, come and hear from some of the best in the business in 2 streams packed full of knowledge. The focus of the tracks are development and business, so there will be talks to wet the appetite of anyone involved in the use of the Umbraco CMS.

This is going to be tough. So many great sessions and you can only be in one place at one time. To help you decide, here is a downloadable timetable. Keynote As always, you don't want to miss the keynote. Niels will tell us where we currently are as a community and what the future holds for the worlds favourite open source. As with most developers of the early 's, he built a CMS to serve the needs of his clients. Little did he know that it would become such a big deal, with Umbraco now being one of the biggest open source CMS on the.

Developing with Umbraco's new features Shannon will give us a tour of what's new in 7. He will then give us a taste of whats been brewing at the moon base as we peer into the future release 7.

Rounding out his talk, an intro on contributing to the core. Leading the technical charge at Umbraco since , Shannon is behind many of the decisions that have made Umbraco such an amazing platform. Are you wondering what DMBO stands for?

Or to the rest of us, Core Engineer. He works at ProWorks helping organizations of all sizes structure teams and projects for efficiency and quality. He specializes in running Umbraco on Azure using tools optimized for this environment. Paul lives and works in the least sunny place in the US, Bellingham, Washington, where he spends his free time running and hiking, usually in the rain. I know Kung Fu!

At its core, Umbraco is a simple, well built CMS. But it can be so much more. The CMS landscape is filled with products promising to be everything to everyone, yet often many of these products require you to sell a kidney before you even start building your project or lack the flexibility to fully deliver on the business and creative goals.

Peter has been part of the Umbraco community since the early days, worked on staff Umbraco HQ as an Umbraco Trainer and regional representative, and then went on to found Koben Digital, an Umbraco Gold Partner agency. Peter is a firm believer in community involvement and engagement and encourages his staff to participate in Umbraco activites where possible. Pumping up your Umbraco Solution with Strong Typed Models Take a deep dive into the world of strongly typed models as James presents the options available in Umbraco.

He will provide a comparison, benefits and details of each option and a look into what the future holds for those looking to build robust and maintainable applications with Umbraco at its core. James is the king of image processing and leads the ImageSharp project. His work changed image manipulation in Umbraco and he has also been recognised by Microsoft as an MVP for his contributions to the developer community.

E commerce Your Clients Give a Crap About Your clients care about solving their problem, which in e-commerce terms is to sell. In this talk you'll get practical insight into how you can create e-commerce stores your clients give a crap about. You'll get concrete techniques and examples based on real-world experience from dozens of existing Umbraco stores, you can leverage tomorrow in any store to increase sales and delight your clients.

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