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Alcoholic beverages in Sweden and Algoth Niska. Sewer There is no public sewer system. Non-Muslims are allowed to purchase a limited amount of alcohol from their point of embarcation overseas for their own private consumption, and non-Muslims who are at least the age of 18 are allowed to bring in not more than two bottles of liquor about two litres and twelve cans of beer per person into the country. Some features on a site might not work. The Sugar mill was not destroyed, but never put to use again. This tour was exactly what I hope for. I highly recommend this.

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That certainly was the case with Bagwell, who is friendly and easy-going. After we had gotten to know each other over a couple of hours on the course, Bags asked me how I became interested in baseball. But at the time, my folks and family were in the process of pulling up our deep Iowa roots and moving to Houston. So, I passed on the walk-on offer and moved with my family to Texas. My decision was also helped by several games of summer league ball that I played that year with Jim Sundberg , the former University of Iowa catcher who went on to have a fine year MLB career, primarily with the Rangers and the Royals.

Sundberg was so much better than me as well as every other player in the summer league that I realized quickly that a future in baseball was not in the cards for me. After explaining all that, Bagwell asked me: Miller re-emphasized that point during the round when he told us a hilarious story premised on the question: But to be honest, I was a lousy hitter.

No one can really hit a decent breaking pitch. Congratulations on making the Hall of Fame, Bags. You hit more than a few decent breaking pitches in doing so. One of my resolutions for is to blog more, so here we go. Houston remains an underrated golf destination. The city has dozens of high-quality public and private courses, and the price of a round on most of those courses is less and sometimes far less than the price of a round in traditional golf destinations such as the Carolinas and Florida.

Arnold Palmer, one of the iconic figures of our time, died on Sunday at the age of Through his lifelong business partnership with the late Mark McCormick of IMG fame, Palmer was instrumental in transforming how professional sports were presented, financed, and viewed throughout the world. Incredibly, by the time of his death, this humble son of a western Pennsylvania greenskeeper had amassed a net worth of well over a billion dollars.

But what set Arnold Palmer apart from many icons was that he was a genuinely nice man to whom people naturally gravitated. As a result, it seems as if everyone has a favorite Arnold Palmer story. Here is mine, but some background first. Of course, Palmer agreed to do so and continued to participate in the exhibition each year until he was physically unable to do so.

The exhibition was a tremendous success and drew thousands of fans to the course for the tournament. Which gets to my story. Dan eventually moved on to pilot for Continental Airlines for many years, but he and Palmer remained good friends over the years from their many flying experiences together.

However, there is another interesting golf-related tidbit about Dan — he is a dead-ringer for Ben Crenshaw, the popular former University of Texas golfer and PGA Tour professional who still lives in Austin.

Was that Ben Crenshaw in church today? So, the first year that Arnie came to The Woodlands to play in the Insperity exhibition, Dan went over to The Woodlands Marriott Hotel on The Waterway to greet his old friend and reminisce about old times. Arnie was happy to see his old friend, so Dan and Arnie plopped down in the lobby of the big hotel to talk. As was typical with Palmer whenever he was in a public place, a steady stream of fans interrupted to ask for his autograph, a photo, or both.

Arnie accepted each request graciously and with a big smile. But after Arnie had accommodated dozens of such requests, a nice-looking middle aged woman approached Dan, not Arnie. Being gentlemen, both Dan and Arnie stood up while Dan addressed the nice lady. A web browser commonly referred to as a browser is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web. Each individual web page , image, and video is identified by a distinct URL , enabling browsers to retrieve and display them on the user's device.

Note that a web browser is not the same thing as a search engine , though the two are often confused. But in order to connect to and display websites on their device, a user needs to have a web browser installed.

This, in turn, sparked the Internet boom of the s when the Web grew at a very rapid rate. Navigator quickly became the most popular browser [6]. Microsoft debuted Internet Explorer in , leading to a browser war with Netscape.

Microsoft was able to gain a dominant position for two reasons: In , desperate to remain competitive, Netscape launched what would become the Mozilla Foundation to create a new browser using the open source software model. This work evolved into Firefox , first released by Mozilla in Apple released its Safari browser in It remains the dominant browser on Apple platforms, though it never became a factor elsewhere.

The last major entrant to the browser market was Google. Its Chrome browser, which debuted in , has been a huge success. It steadily took market share from Internet Explorer and became the most popular browser in One reason has been to enable more sophisticated websites, such as web applications. Another factor is the significant increase of broadband connectivity, which enables people to access data-intensive web content, such as YouTube streaming , that was not possible during the era of dial-up modems.

The purpose of a web browser is to fetch information resources and display them on a user's device. This process begins when the user inputs a URL , such as https: Virtually all URLs on the Web start with either http: In the case of https: Another URL prefix is file: On your computer, go to My Activity.

Find the group of activity you want to delete. You can find it a few different ways, including: If you don't see groups of items: Near the top of the page, search for a term or use filters. Find activity by date or product. Delete activity by date or product On your computer, go to My Activity.

From here you can: Add a date range. Choose which Google products to include. Some Google products don't save activity in My Activity. At the top of the page, select Search To delete activity, next to the search bar, select More.

To delete certain items: Choose the items you want to delete. At the top right, select Delete. To delete all items:

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