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How to Clear All of the Search History
Click on the "Safari" menu, click on "Preferences This record is stored locally on your computer and can be easily deleted. The Search Bar is located to the right of the address bar. Point over search items, such as in the Today section, to display the "Clear" button. Share Share on Facebook. The searches will be disassociated from your Google account.

How to Delete Your Activity for Individual Services

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This will prevent Google from associating searches with your Google account. This will impact the effectiveness of Google Now and other Google products. Open the Bing home page. Make sure that you are logged in with your Microsoft account. You can log in by clicking the "Sign in" link in the upper-right corner.

Click the "Search History" button. This is located in the top menu bar of the Bing home page. Your recent searches will appear in the main section of your History page. Hover over the entries you want to remove and click the "X" to delete them.

Delete you entire search history. To clear your entire search history, click the "Clear all" button to the right of your recent searches. You will be asked to confirm that you want to remove the entire history. Turn off search history. If you don't want any of your searches being associated with your Microsoft account, click the "Turn off" button to the right of your recent searches. Your future searches will not be associated with your account until you turn it back on.

Internet Explorer saves your previous searches and form entries to provide suggestion when you start typing new ones. This is saved separately from your search history, so make sure to clear this too.

See this guide for instructions. Delete your browsing history. Your browsing history and your search history are two different things. Your browsing history is a record of all the websites that you have visited. This record is stored locally on your computer and can be easily deleted. See this guide for instruction. I have deleted my history but embarrassing words still come up when I search a movie on Putlocker, what do I do?

I imagine you are using Chrome or at least Google search. If so, you need to access your Google account page and under "Privacy and Security Settings" you can clear that information and also set it to not use suggestions. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1. You can clear your cookies. That should be in your browser's settings.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How to delete history on web google enhanced? Answer this question Flag as Deleting past search items in the search down box is simple; however, it varies slightly between Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Click the "Safety" menu on the far-right side of your browser's tab bar. Place a check mark next to "History" and any other files that you want to delete. Click the "Delete" button. Alternately, you can clear the Google drop-down menu from your browser by clicking the arrow next to the magnifying glass and selecting "Clear Recent Searches.

Mac users, select "Chrome" and then "Clear Browsing Data" on the menu bar. Place a check mark next to the types of information you wish to remove. Use the "Clear data from this period" menu to select the amount of data you want to delete. Click "Clear Browsing Data. Windows users, click the "Tools" menu and select "Options.

Click "Clear browsing data.

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