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20 Best Unblocked Torrent Sites 2018 to Download Latest Torrent Files for Free
It is one of the powers of a vampire. Reply Anonymous Jun 23, Is there another way to have what they have? Heracles , Darius III. Rest assured your issue will be looked into with greater care.

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This will always help to boost your upload ratio. After your account ratio has become relatively stable, now is the time to snag whatever you want. You can, however, extract unRAR the files, or copy the files from one place to the next. Grab these freebies — especially when searching for torrents on a new account. Not all sites are the same, but some credits can be acquired just from staying active in their IRC channel, or from just having the torrents available for download in your BT client.

Trackers are fairly sophisticated and ever-evolving. Setting a proper upload limit in the BT client makes all the difference! To figure this out, visit www.

Most sites allow for monetary contributions to keep up with the server costs. If you enjoy a particular site immensely but cannot seem to be able to approach a decent sharing ratio due to turning off your computer at night, going to work, or sharing your computer with your kids, wife, husband or siblings , think about donating. Rules are probably why some turned to P2P. Nevertheless, rules are an important aspect to private BT sites — they ensure healthy torrents and blazing-fast download speeds for all.

If you stick with v1. And do not use BitComet on private trackers. While this practice is frowned upon even on public sites such as mininova.

This can and sometimes will lead to your IP address being banned from the site — forever. Here are Ten Tips to get your ratio in top-shape as fast as possible: CGPeers is retarded now. I guess they are into stopping the free flow of knowledge, while we are all trying to promote it. The above commenter who has only been on cgpeers for 1 week at the time of his comment, is a total dumbass. He uploaded a torrent that already exists, so it got deleted for being a duplicate, very standard procedure to ensure listings stay organized.

This is what happens when you decide to take social justice into your own hands vs asking the mods at least once what the issue is. The torrent at issue was not a dupe. The admins claimed it was a desktop publishing tut, when it was for InDesign, an industry standard graphic design app. Fine by me, just retarded tho…. By that logic then Photoshop is for photography, hence the name photo and shop. And want to inform you that a few of my friends that are graphic designers as well use InDesign as a composition tool as it got all for this.

It is graphic design capable software and have many tools that are much faster in creating compositions than photoshop or illustrator have. As Tupac said fuck the world A coward dies a thousands deaths a soldier lives but once.

Learn to write something understandable or get you mommy to correct your messages before you post them …………. This is the best. Strict enough just to the point and resources more than enough. Very talented and hardworking admin. Yeah tracker is still working, but cant use the site… must have been an oversight on the domain renew…. Seems the site might be dead or not as active anymore. We are simply lacking the verbiage to describe, just how indispensable CGP is, for CG professionals and persons with CG aspirations alike.

They have everything that one can ever think of needing. Not only does it have Tutorials but they have Tuts that have a very long lifespan. There are torrents on this site that go back to CS4. These guys are the best. Good luck quite literally to any and all in getting in the door. Waited since the 1st and they never opened. And i tried to registrate on the 1st and 15th of the mouth but they still closed.

And Its alwayse closed. On the days you are supposed to register after submitting the form it always gives and error: Im getting the error msg of Error: How I can register in the forum site: I have CGPeers account in site https: I am trying to joing almost 2 months but still get error. Also there is no information related to error. What a poor tracker is that. I almost lost hope, but then it worked on Microsoft Edge! I tried different browsers so far firefox, chrome, edge.

And no one is fixing these? Nor is there any responses from the administrators. Please fix it soon. I looked at the source code of cgpeer. Concerned people, please fix the script. Do you know any good CG alternatives torrent sites? Cg-peers seems to be down right now. I hope it is just temporary. NO you can register. Like any alternative website? Could not proceed with registration Error: I could register bur did not receive the email confirmation.

Anyone with the same problem or the solution? Anyone else experienced that, or is it just me? Today i have tried to register and shown me the same: I did get the email confirmation but cant login. I cannot register my account.

Each time I try to complete the registration steps. It is showing Error and Error. My German gmx mail addresses would not work error message , trying out different browsers. I then created a gmail address without symbols, just letters to play safe and it worked on the first try using firefox for android. Every time i try i get this error.

How did you register? It still says that registrations open only on 1st and 15th for me. Cannot get past that. The site is not working: At least for me… anyone else having this issue today? Really wanted to register …. April 1st but registration is not open: My cgpeers account was disabled how can solve that and whats is what. CD username plz anyone help.. The 15th of the month, though unable to sign up. Anyone got any ideas? Do we have an explantation or solution? Can anyone tell me when it can be opne i already know it opens on 1st and 15 but it seems they dont opent on that perticular day any suggestions how can i make a new account???

Tried a couple of times, says registration is complete and should wait for the confirmation email, but no luck. Does anybody have the same issue? Dont join this site. They are nothing in my eyes now, lowly underevolved life forms. The only thing that worked is, I have multiple domain names that I own, I just created an email id from one of it and used that email to register and it worked. After getting error 0xE and 0xE all day I used an email from my domain, first time It gave error 0xE but the second time It worked.

But there is an error: Could not continue with the registration. THX Fuck peers …. From what i experienced impossible to create an account from my work computer, however on my phone it work on first try! I went to ask for an account at their forums. The guys behind this website are absolute jerks. They are so full of themselves, I could not believe.

They asked me questions like the Gestapo! Then they bullied me like kids in the school. WTF all the work and bandwidth shared and no respect in return? Hey CG peers team. To everyone experiencing 0xEA error: This blog web-site is every thing about live movie clip streaming and all the technologies that advanced about it like webcasting, iptv circulation, playout software package, mixing application software, movie clip streaming servers.

You could uncover out about the most current news relating to genuine-time video clip streaming engines this sort of as wowza, nginx, mist web server and also Livebox. See high quality streaming server and also you will definitely discover a direct link to a webpage wherever you can get the most productive streaming web server out of these I publish about.

If anyone has information that can help me before it closes today that would be greatly appreciated. Currently working to restore our. Having issues with confirmation mails today again errors or no confirmation mails received on multiple browsers, Ips and mail addresses - Any work around?

Still having confirmation issues. S san Francisco server and then you register is complete …. Reply Jesus Aug 8, 4: Reply Anonymous Jun 19, Reply Anonymous Jun 14, Reply amrkbaney Sep 7, Reply Anonymous Feb 17, 8: Reply Anonymous Apr 2, 1: Reply Anonymous Dec 3, 6: Reply Anonymous May 23, Reply Anonymous Aug 23, 2: Reply Anonymous Mar 15, 8: Reply some guy passing by Oct 25, Reply Anonymous Mar 14, Reply dudju Apr 3, 7: Reply Anonymous Aug 14, Reply awggg Apr 6, 2: Reply Anonymous Jun 1, 6: Reply Anonymous Jun 3, 1: Reply Anonymous Dec 4, 7: Reply Anonymous Mar 29, 9: Reply Anonymous Feb 12, 6: Reply fanculo Dec 21, Reply Anonymous Sep 10, 9: Reply salas Jun 23, Seems like dns no more responding.

Reply s62 Jun 23, 2: Reply Anonymous Jun 23, 5: Reply anonymous Jun 23, 6: Registration is open currently. Reply Anonymous Apr 15, Reply Anonymous Dec 1, 5: Reply Anonymous May 31, 7: Reply Max Aug 15, 4: Reply Anonymous Sep 14, Reply Anonymous Jun 23, 8: Reply Anonymous Nov 9, Reply Anonymous Jun 23, Reply Anonymous Jun 26, 8: Reply Anonymous Jun 26, I don't want to have to hack the software I need. Rutracker i think thats how you spell best for music.

Gahh all going to Jul 4, Reply Anonymous Apr 21, 5: Reply cinthya Sep 1, 8: Reply Rocco Siffredi Oct 7, 1: Reply Anonymous Dec 23, Reply lash Jan 22, Reply heba Jun 18, 1: Reply -EB Apr 18, 1: Reply Anonymous Apr 19, 2: Reply Anonymous May 13, Reply Anonymous May 14, 3: Reply Anonymous Jul 18, 5: Reply Anonymous Aug 1, 4: Reply Anonymous Aug 4, 6: Reply Anonymous Aug 4, Reply Anonymous Aug 14, 6: How can I register?

Reply Anonymous Sep 1, 1: Reply Anonymous Sep 1, 2: Reply Anonymous Sep 1, Reply Anonymous Oct 13, 9: Reply death dealer Oct 16, 3: Reply Abdelhak Az Dec 1, 8: Reply EthericBliss Dec 31, Peace to all and happy, safe sharing. Reply Anonymous Jan 14, Reply JohnnyBob Feb 3, Reply Anonymous Jan 2, 7: Their registration is never open.

Reply Anonymous Jan 13, Does anyone know if the site still exists? Reply Anonymous Jan 14, 1: Reply Anonymous Jan 14, 7: Reply Anonymous Jan 14, 2:

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