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I had same Problem. I had the same message come up on startup after removing mcafee surprise surprise….. If the same error pops up again use the following: Wednesday, October 31, I was looking for it. We fired up the live chat client at 2 a. I had this error code 0x when browsing to a UNIX samba share in the network of one of our customers.

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First thing — their tech support is dreadful. I run a tech support team hence why I am doing the testing and their level of unhelpfulness staggered me.

On one query — my IE9 browser can not open the backup console the response is appalling English was to upgrade my browser. As I want to use it for sharing, we will have customers still using it — what do they do. There was no explanation. Yup that was it. No advise, suggestions, just that it worked on theirs. It is a shame because the interface is not bad, and data speeds seem quite good — but as they have a browser based interface it is a big failing to not support legacy browsers as many peeps still use them that is why we test with multiple browsers as our customers have them and to have support that bad means I have uninstalled and will look elsewhere.

The greatest way to sell your product is to demonstrate the ability to solve problems — tech support liaising with a potential customer is a golden moment when it comes to selling.

I selected IDrive about a year ago paid account, I need about 1TB among a few others after doing tests on upload speed. IDrive clearly stood out in upload speed, which really matters if you need to upload about GB! What I do not like is that existing customers pay much higher rates then new customers. Rates have dropped dramatically in cloud storage, but existing customers only benefit a little bit.

In my view, they should do better on keeping existing customers. Unbelievably slow upload speeds. Always problem with backing up especially for windows Tried uninstalling and re-installing a clean copy and most recent copy as per support.

Nothing works really fedup and have stopped calling or emailing support. I have been with IDrive for 9 years. Their software always shuts my computer down after it has drawn out the files for backup. Firstly, their crappy desktop application no longer has a recalculate feature to have it rebalance after data has been removed.

When i called them to ask that this be straightened out, they offered to reduce one of the 3 months by half. To hell with them. There are too many other options. Kick them to the curb. I did not notice any new functionality with each update. On no fewer than 3 occasions I noticed not all sub-directories of selected parent directories would appear in restore.

In each case it took days to receive a reply. I called iDrive earlier today to discontinue auto-renewal, cancel account and request a refund.

They did not ask why I was cancelling, only indicated I would be advised by email. My request for a refund was denied — yet my account was closed immediately confirmed by trying to access online.

The hackers gained access to our IDrive account. I have used iDrive for over 8 years. The service has been almost completly flawless. I have contacted Support on 2 occasions.

The first was an issue with connectivity, the support guys talked me through the problem and it was fixed. You cannot have an account with both operating systems! I simply created a new account and backed the Macs up to the new account.

Maybe I have been lucky, but I have been backing up over 1TB for many years from multiple machines, and all I do is check the emails each morning. I understand some of the issues with support — but I maybe have been lucky, and have not encountered any problems. Richard, Thanks for your review. Mac operating systems running simultaneously. IDrive has a consistent experience across Windows and Mac clients, making it easy to jump between operating systems and keep your files.

This conflicts with your review. Can you explain this? It was never filled. CS told me to let the battery drain entirely, then reboot. CS asked me for screenshots. I finally told them to replace it, but they refuse. I have crashplan wich I found quite unreliable and whose client is quite complicated. I would like to test Idrive, and test their client. From the answer in this forum it seem taht the free 5g demo client is not the same as the paying acount 1T one?

If so, testing the free account is pointless… And how to choose the right client if they are so many of them. Purchased as 12 month subscription today. I then fired of the backup..

I had to cancel the backup. Within 2 minutes all network activity was restored. Something is seriously wrong with the DataCenterEdition product. Product is basically unusable in this state. Wrote a detailed report via email to their Support and will wait and see…. I sugned up to idrive two days ago and while idrive is ru ning on my mac or s7 my entire network crashes.

Dowsnt look like i will bw able to get a refund either. Wish i had of read this page. I believed a review in an IT mag. What drives me insane though is being unable to delete the iDrive Daemon or even force quit it through the Activity Monitor. After a very quick initial backup I then had repeated back up failures, days without a successful backup, then a backup success out of the blue and then the next day the service kept stalling on simple files like an MP3 or a.

I kept trying to resolve the issues myself by changing the settings but after a few weeks gave up and contacted customer service. I then asked him to delete all my data and cancel my account and he told me I had to do it myself but was at least helpful enough to explain how I could do it. Quite how iDrive can avoid statutory consumer protection laws on selling malfunctioning products and not give refunds is beyond me. It is not just paying appropriate taxes that the tech industry are good at avoiding, it seems like it is any responsibility at all.

So here I am warning potential iDrive customers on every review platform that I can find on what to expect from this service and it seems like I am not alone. I believe that is called customer service. I now know why iDrive force you to pay for a year upfront. Anyway after unsuccessfully trying cloud back up for over a year now I am now just buying a second hard drive to backup all my data alongside my normal back up hard drive.

I will then store the drive off site in case of fire, theft or whatever. You cannot directly backup a disk image to your cloud storage, but have to back it up locally and then copy it to the storage. And then the audacity of the software telling me it estimated only another hours to complete the task.

At present, incremental backup on local drive is not available using Idrive which is a significant deficiency for efficiency. It has been referenced numerous times in the forum as being on a list for potential upgrade. Is this item currently on the upgrade list and has a timeline been set for this. Oh well, just because of good reviews and the great discount through you YouTube review of iDrive, I bought a 1 year 1TB option.

In the Web Access, you cannot upload larger files than 2GB. They have a limit of how many tiomes a file is allowed to be downloaded. Well, pCloud has it, guess what I did? The company auto renewal policy is a ripoff, I was out of the country and did not return home until 10 days after the renewal, they refused a refund, even a partial or prorated refund. I will not use their service even though I have to pay for the rest of the year. After coming to the conclusion that a fire or sinkhole could render my hard drive inaccessible, I decided to find some cloud storage for my PC personal data.

I purchased 1 TB for a year. I set up a backup yesterday, and it ran all night. This morning, after about 20 hours running…. I will update later. Stay away from IDrive.

Not to mention their really poor customer service. I clicked delete account which just empties your account from all the files, etc. They will make it so you will never be able to delete your account! Would NOT recommend it. Nor do they have any notifications in place with thresholds. Nor any configuration allowing the user to configure the software not to allow going over the capacity.

You go over it??? CrashPlan has abandoned the home market leaving many of us looking for alternatives. For basic data backup to cloud for a PC it works. Based on these reviews, I will skip iCloud. Thanks everyone for their advice. Thanks for these reviews. I am looking for a replacement for Dropbox and would have tried IDrive. Will definitely not do so after reading the reviews here.

I got this in the mail: Our rock solid bit AES encryption, with optional private key, ensures your data stays in your hands only. When your account renews later this month, you will be automatically upgraded to this plan.

Or, you can choose to remain on your existing plan by clicking this link. They tried to automatically upgrade my account to a more expensive plan.

I cancelled renewal of my account immediately and will be looking into other backup solutions. I have to chime in and just report what a horrible experience IDrive was for me. Their support has taken a nose dive apparently. It certainly no longer warrants being listed in the strengths column. No more chat support. And phone support is only West coast time Mon-Fri. I signed up 2 weeks ago and installed on my Windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 has been rock solid for me for a year now… until I installed IDrive. It crashes times a day — freezes and then the Win 10 crash screen where it does its memory dump and then reboots. I started an email thread with tech support. The first thing they asked for was a screen shot.

I sent the minidump file to them and they then asked me to try installing on another computer. This is like asking a mechanic why the car keeps dying and he says well try a different car.

Thanks for sharing your experience with IDrive. Hope that Backblaze works out better for you. I found IDrive as an alternative to CrashPlan Carbonite is too slow and pricey and have been very pleased.

I really like being able to backup multiple devices — 5 computers and 3 phones in my case — and I can restore easily enough. My problems started with the upgrade. Also unable to re-install the Cisco VPN after uninstalling to complete the upgrade. Hence the Hyper-V cluster. Any help would be greatly appreciate. I have spend a couple of weeks on the Upgrade and trying to get my computer working again with no luck.

I would suggest you to post this issue on the TechNet Forum. They are support professionals who are well equipped with the knowledge on Hyper Vissues, to do that please visit the below provided link.

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