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Why use as a VPN Service?
Why run an unnecessary risk if there is an easy and fast way to limit it? We're here to help Premium users with any question or issue. Airports, cafes, campuses, entertainment venues, and more are safe when you connect with Hotspot Shield for Android. My love for Ivacy has endured. I must say that the service is pretty good and most importantly, the subscription packages are just awesome. See How Betternet Makes Money. Each iOS component is expanded upon for greater security and performance New or old, Apple devices with Ivacy VPN will allow you to enjoy the internet as it was meant to be.

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Unblock the world fast, securely and anonymously

Ivacy add-on for Kodi allows you to access any channel anytime. Stream live sports, watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows online with military grade security. With a user-friendly interface, overcome throttling and port blocking as well as block your ISP to track your web activities.

Along with Windows, Ivacy is available on Mac as well. The app houses the very same features that can be found in the Windows app, making it much more than one of the best compatible VPN apps out there. No matter what version of macOS you may be running, as long as it is still supported by Apple, Ivacy will work without any hiccups. Ivacy VPN Chrome extension provides you precisely that, straight from your favorite web browser. Ivacy VPN users can now enjoy an all-in-one live streaming experience which is second-to-none.

Integrate the most secure VPN functionality with your router firmware with total ease and enjoy complete internet freedom at all times. We care what our customers think of us and we strive to live up to their expectations. We do not share your information and will contact you only as needed to provide our service. We Care About your Online Privacy.

We use Comodo Secure Validation certificate for your security. Six months and still going! My love for Ivacy has endured.

The user-friendly interface and competitive features. Above all it's really light on the pocket which means that I am getting more for less! Really pleased with the service. Ivacy works just as well on Mac and Android and the best thing is that I can use it on both at the same time! Definitely one of the best VPNs that I've ever tried! I have been using Ivacy VPN for the past six months.

I must say that the service is pretty good and most importantly, the subscription packages are just awesome. Anonymous surfing on the Internet. Play online games of the USA or Europe. Bypass geographical blocks on every website Bypass geographical blocks on TV and radio software like Zattoo, etc.

Protect your Wireless connection from unauthorised use. Be protected against bandwidth throttling by your ISP and use your Internet connection with unlimited bandwidth. If you purchase a VPN account,You get: Cyber thieves monitor websites associated with luxury lifestyles.

Visit these sites anonymously with an idcloak VPN so they cannot target you for fraud. Advertising syndicates will have a hard time researching your movements online if your IP address is hidden with an idcloak VPN and you manage the privacy of your browser.

Cyberstalkers may use IP tracing to locate you in the real world. Connect to the internet through a VPN and they will not find you. With an idcloak VPN, your Internet Service Provider will only see that you visit our servers; they cannot know where you go online or what you do.

Traffic between your device and the VPN server is immune to government taps: OpenVPN protocol has never been cracked. For optimum safety, connect to VPN servers in countries where your government has minimal jurisdiction.

The private browsing function on your browser hides your web activity from other users of your machine. The idcloak VPN hides it from websites themselves.

Automatically restore your internet to how it was back home, including language, search results, ads and access privileges.

Display an IP address from your home country in your email headers, instant messages and online posts. It will seem like you never left. Access your favorite content back home even when it is not normally available from abroad. Just make sure the unblocking is permitted. Study foreign advertising culture. Verify that your foreign advertising investments have been delivered as intended.

Use a VPN to see where your content ranks in search results from foreign countries. Just because you rank highly in your own country does not mean you rank highly in the next. Conduct business from any country in the world while choosing where you appear to be located. Step by step instructions on safe download, installation and setup, with customer support at the ready should you need it.

Intuitive software practically sets itself up. Attractive, user-serving software with searchable map permits easy server switching. Load-balancing always connects you to the fastest server in any data center. Speed ping tests to different server locations. Unlimited download plan for data-heavy tasks. Automatic switching between proxy locations at time intervals you set. Geographically distribute your internet entry-points to evade web tracking.

OpenVPN with bit Blowfish encryption.

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