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Censorship of Facebook
The website claims that Jones participated in hate speech against Robert Mueller. Otherwise the window appears absolute in the bottom of the page and not of the window. If Not what will be the difference. Privacy issues User gender difference Use in investigations. In this post you have specified a decent rundown ways to open and access Facebook which are working till date which goes about as Facebook UN Blockers. I wld like to share this script with everyone.

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Well if you write posts that your friends interact with he Facebook algorithm will show your posts to more of your friends, so you get a boost there. Also will the page look like every normal page that is not done through personal profile to Fan page. If Not what will be the difference. Better to start fresh. How can I get this one to show up when people come to my personal page? Perhaps Facebook only allows 1 page to be associated with your about section.

You can like the pages and they will show up in your likes section. Or you can create a link to an external website and link to the 2 pages from there. This is a great post! I have one question. I have my personal profile, and an author page. I would like to reply as the author, not just the guy from my profile.

There is a menu in the Facebook comments to comment as a personal profile or as the page. Can followers of my business page see my personal profile assuming they are not FB Friends already?

Only if you create a post as yourself… which is hard to do if you are using the Facebook Pages app for iOS. Many thanks Ken for replying — I really appreciate it! To me they are an unknown kind of target demographic that have a reputation for being pro-guns etc.

Women in media get horribly trolled in vicious and incredibly threatening ways if they speak out sometimes. Feels like the right thing to do. Is there anything that I can do to save the business pages which have been very successful? Did you contact Facebook? Whenever you use fake accounts you run the risk of getting shut down. You can have multiple people as administrators for Facebook pages.

There has been a shift with Facebook business pages in that a business is setup first with Facebook and then you select administrators, editors, etc… people with different permission levels. He can set you as a page administrator. Or he can create the business in business.

I would like to have one account for my current business page and one account for my also current personal page. All I want to do is separate them so I can have my personal page deactivated but still connected if I were to ever choose to connect them later.

I have two emails in my account settings but I need to get a separate login for my business page separate from my personal page. How do I go about this?

Or is this even possible to do? How does it work when you have your personal page set up to private only for your contacts? Will a fan page remain with same privacy settings as personal page or it can be specified for it to be public? Hi I have created a business page and have a personal account. When i try to post on the business page it ends up showing on my personal account and not on the business page.

How do i stop this and only post on the business page separately from personal. Thanks for the article, I think customizing Facebook business pages is a good idea. Could you suggest some resources for mid-level developers? The iFrame tab tools I mention in the article are probably the way to go. If you have the time, building a separate app that integrates with Facebook would draw in users, but that takes a lot of time to build.

I have a Facebook business page as well as a Facebook personal page which I would like to keep totally separate. However every time I post something on my business page it also appears on my personal page. Is there a way I can avoid that. Also when people comment on my Facebook business page I get notified at the personal e mail address I have on file with Facebook.

Is there a way to not be notified via my e mail address. There is a possibility that I could get hundreds of comments each week and that would tie up my e mail inbox. Also is there a way to prevent notifications each time someone likes or comments on my business page.

I would like my comments and likes to be visible when I access my business page but not forwarded to me each time. Also I want to keep my personal page as is and continue to receive e mails and notifications from my friends. Hopefully I made what I am looking for as clear as possible. If you could help me That would be great.

I have a business FB account and now wish to have a personal presence on FB where I can connect with friends and family outside of my business. How do I go about creating a personal presence on FB through my current business account since it is not recommended or legal to create a separate account?

The only information out there seems to be on how to create a business presence from a personal account by creating a business Page; I am looking for the opposite.

I set up a a business page for my work through my personal account. Now they have launched a new website and the IT department set up a new FB page for the company. How do I delete the original business page from my account without affecting my personal profile? Hi Ken, I wonder if you or anyone else could help me. I need to pass the reigns over to a new member of the society, but need to change the logon details for the society page.

Like many of your commenters, I made the mistake of converting my existing personal profile to a page. Unfortunately, when I converted my page, FB automatically created a business account to manage the page which I expected and I lost the newsfeed function which I did not expect as well as the ability to interact with the pages I liked which I also did not expect. What are the rules? I think you need to read through the documentation on Facebook for this.

If you block someone you can still probably see their profile, but not the other way around. There are some links on my post that point out to the documentation. I am set as manager of admin, should I set up a new personal profile and select that as manager of admin to un -merge the original profile and page? I am setting up my FB page for my personal business that Im launching.

Well you can setup the page independent of your personal account with its own login and then make yourself an administrator of the page. Why would you want to quit Facebook?????? Would you advise against a second personal profile to set up this page?

I can set up another, secondary personal profile later on to manage the page, is that right? Would I get the same admin etc rights using the secondary profile opposed to the original profile? Yes, you are correct…. Personal profiles in Facebook are limited to the layout Facebook imposes. Someone would have to dig through your about section to see your likes. I also have a small online store. I now want to connect my onlline store to my Business page on FB so that I can sell my products through the Business page.

There are apps that do that. But my fear is that the apps will create the store on my personal FB page instead of the Business page under it?

The only way out appears to have a separate FB account for my business. I have a personal page and a published public business page — both under my personal log-in. Facebook Pages are public by default…. Question is when I am on my business page and I go to other peoples pages or business pages there is no like option visible unlike when in my persoanl profile. What am I dpoing wrong please? I have been advised to deactivate my personal page for a while, hoeever I have a page that is tied to it.

Is there a way to deactivate my personal page without taking down my business page? Please let me know. I could really use your help! You can add another administrator user to the business page and then remove your personal profile account. Let me know if more questions. Hi Ken, can you have a business page with privacy settings? My audience selector tool only gives me the option of public or location. I want to make photos etc only visible to likers. The FB site is quite clear on this — perhaps this has changed, if so please advise.

Thanks for bringing this up. It is technically against Facebook policy. The dummy accounts I and others use do none of these things. That being said, if you can connect pages to your personal profile, that is the best option. How do I keep my band page public and my personal profile page private? The personal profile settings and Page settings are separate.

See the screenshot in my comment to Devon. Why is it when you find my business on Google search, than click on to it you are brought to my personal Facebook page and not my business Facebook page?

Not what I want and not what my target audiance is looking for. What have I done and how can this be corrected? When I search for this on Google it just takes me to my Facebook homepage. Is the page public?

There is a publish setting that will make the page public or hidden. Thanks Chris, but we have completely different prolbems. And I had no problem getting to both your Facebook pages business and personal via through searches on Google and Bing. Have you logged out of Facebook and Google and tried the search that way? There are a lot of personalization that happen when users are logged in. Did they share the same username? Thanks for the suggestions.

I had to sign-in to my personal FB to be brought to my business page via through my personal page. If I delete either or both FB accounts I can not recreate new accounts using their present titles… correct? Google crawled your page at one point because the cache is still there. So you must have changed something that took it down. Here is a screenshot with my page settings. Hi Ken great blog can you tell me how do I stop my business page updates showing up on my personal page?

Do you mean in the news feed? If you click the down arrow on a post. I think this is by design. Thanks for your informative post. I have a question regarding facebook page. Hopefully you are still around to answer.

The situation is that I am selling artwork at Etsy and want a facebook page to kinda stay connected with people from Etsy andd other people on facebook who are interested in art. Kind of advertising my Etsy shop through facebook in a way. The result was that there is no search tab on the top of the page when I logged in. Try adding your personal account as an administrator and see if that helps. Re-read the post and some of the comments for other ideas.

Let me know if you encounter further issues. I have two facebook pages I use my personal page all the time. I have not used my business page in atleast 6 months. I now want to post on my business page again. When I enter my login email and password it now just goes to my personal page. I can actually log in with two different emails but it still goes to my personal page. When I google my business page it comes up but I cant update it.

I did click on the new little icon and there is no option listed there for me to use facebook as. Can you help me. Seems like you created the business page as a standalone page with its own email? Maybe you find the login for the business page and then add your personal profile as an administrator for the page. I have a personal page and 5 years ago created a business page. I put in her email on the business page and now her name is on my personal page.

Are you sure you were in the Business Page section of Facebook when you did this? How is her name on your personal page? What are you seeing? Can I have one personal profile account with my business email address connected to the business page and then another personal profile account with my home email address? Can both have the same date of birth? You can have two personal profiles.

You can always assign another administrator for the business page and it will disconnect your account. I have a personal page and a business page.

When I add photos and comments in reference to my business the information does not post to my business page, it shows on my personal page.

How can this issue be corrected? Try clicking on your business page and post from there. Also, in the article I discuss the Use Facebook As feature. Give it a shot and let us know if you have any problems. But, it still links to my personal facebook page, not my business. You may try commenting on pages within the Facebook ecosystem. I have a personal profile, but when I post through my business page it shows up as a post from my personal profile — is there anyway to change this?

Not sure why this is happening. If you log in to Facebook with your personal profile and click your business page and post from there it should show up as from your business page.

This is the way I do it and it works for me. Are you using any third-party tools? I have a Personal Profile and a Business Page.

Looks like if I convert the Personal Page to a Bus. Also seems like the new Bus. Page will have my name, instead of my business name. Page, then delete the Personal Page. Thanks very much for any advice! It will be hard to build your audience in this way, unfortunately. But the good news is that it will force you to focus your efforts on organic ways to get followers. I migrated my account to business and now I cannot search or find groups.

I really was hoping to utilize groups, but every time I search a group even with a link it goes directly to my page?? Maybe this feature will be added later. You can comment on the wall of other pages and get discussions going that way. Now, i am trying to insert a wordpress plug on my blog to post to my business profile page automatically.

The plugin is asking me a username and password. Since I manage my business accounts through my personal, what do I provide in the plugin? I hope you can help. I would look for a plugin that will let you select the pages to filter the posts to. HootSuite might do what you want via RSS feeds.

So anyone can jut browse!! You can create a Facebook Page without a personal profile. Just sign out and click create a page. Hi Ken, I have two questions. Also, I am a designer and my FB page uses the bus. Is there a way to have both searches lead to your page? I converted a profile that a previous employee set up as a personal profile.

To avoid terms of use issues I decided to convert it to a stand alone page with no personal account associated with it. Which is somewhat troublesome for networking. Is there a fix? I have a personal account with Facebook. I build a photography page Carolyn Odell Photography page to share my work. How do you separate or prevent this from happening? I discuss some methods of switching between your personal account and business page in the blog post.

Please review the blog post again and let me know what your specific issue is. I created a Facebook Page and now my boss will take over the control of it. Do I need to switch it over to his personal profile as he is already an admin?

Is there a way to switch between a comment from Sophie and comment from the company on my company page where I am also an admin? It would be nice to mix so that my personal friends see something that I write on my company page. You can have multiple admins for a page connected with personal accounts. You can drop off the page as an admin if you like and let your boss run it.

It sounds like he is already connected to the page with his personal profile. As far as switching, when you are on the company page as an admin, there is an option at the top to switch to your personal profile. Is there a way to create a personal profile page besides the business page? I can not find such an option anywhere and no one else seems to be asking this question or getting any answers. What would you need a personal profile under the Business Page for?

Let us know and there might be a workaround. I wanted that to be my public figure page. I converted my personal profile to a page. Subsequently, I now have a strictly business account under travis vocino. My only option appears to be to create a personal profile under a new email address, add that account as a Manager to the Page, then delete the old account, switch the new personal profile account which now owns the pages to my primary email address. Yeah once you converted the page it screwed things up.

Your solution seems to be the way to go with creating a new personal account. Now things are messy. I actually have the same problem with the username.

The way Facebook setup the links it makes it difficult for personal brands. A personal profile is really just for friends. I understand your frustration not being able to join groups. It does seem like a huge flaw with Facebook Pages right now. Maybe instead of joining groups you can comment on the walls of other pages and reach out that way? I have a personal profile but when I post through my business page it shows up as a post from my personal profile — is there anyway to change this???

Hello, I have my own personal face book page connected to a businees page. Is there a way I can have my status updates from the business page link to my business twitter acct?

Am I being clear as mud? I must be missing something. The two are totally separate, however your friends would normally only see your page content if they liked the page. But I have a problem in IE. Any solutions for this? Please let me know if any body has come across this situation?

A very nice script! Thanks for this man! Hi all, sorry my bad English, I wanted to know if there is a possibility of doing the chat windows draggable. Great facebook like chat project…. We have used wamp server and localhost to test it offline and it worked…we are currently using mozilla firefox 3.

Anant, thanks for this awesome script. I just integrated this with an application along with showing whether a user is online. Thanks for the hard work. Also, I love cometchat and have implemented it on one of my social websites as well. Is there a way to use this without including the entire jquery library? It causes conflicts in wordpress with plugins. I put the scroll on the page, but the chat window is fixed and does not follow the page, how can I solve this problem?

Is there a way to limit the number of chat tabs open? If so, could I limit it to 4 open at a time, or some kind of scrolling effects like how facebook has it? The problem is that the chats run off the page when you have so many open. After finding the line in chat. I have implemented script ok, works fine between firefox and chrome. IE will send a message and another browser can receive, however sending a message back to IE fails. The IE browser is showing undefined as the user who you are sending the message to so this would indicate something its not happy about within the session.

Is there a way to improve this? Thanks for this great chating tool. Hi, Really thanks for this beautiful script. I have implemented it in my application. But i have one problem. When chat is in progress and I refresh the page, the history do not appear and we have to start new chat. What should I do to not to loss the history when i refresh the page? Or store the chat convos in the database and query the db. Anant, I implimented your FB chat in my local. But In IE the chat box is not positioned as in other browsers.

Please suggest me to fix the problem. Hi Anant…great script…but 1 problem. When the username with whom i want to chat contains special characters like a symbol or a period. I need your help!!! I found it the best Post that I have gone through. This is something really interesting. Mine Is Not Working i added all the files to my ftp account in the chat folder and added the mysql database and added the links on my page, and nothing. Hi your jquery chat looks awesome Can you make it work with python and Django Framwork?

Do you have a tutorial on how to manage rosters i. I am trying to add more functionality. I have online users with their unique id to start chat from links,good. But how do i add image of that person to chatbox instead of showing their id. I think this script is a bit faulty. There are three guys here raising the same problem.

Is there any small fix which can get me rid of this problem that is holding me to launch a new site? Can anyone explain why when there is a comma or a single quote, the text is spaced weird. It only does it when there is a comma or single quote. Oh wait, I guess the extra spaces are filtered out.

If i build a social network website, and I put this chat on it — will take make it commercial or non-commercial use?

Has anyone resolved the problem of username with symbols. I have got it squared for. Hi nice workdone , thanx alot for giving the php code and js module , but i m facing some trouble while converting it into asp. I have some queries regarding some business logic can i contact you for that?

Its exactly what peoples are looking for like gmail , facebook. Did someone make it work with JQuery? So it is easier to hack, ran slower or only ran on windows servers? I cannot make it work…. Hi Anant, great script, thank you. Have a issue with IE. The connect to the DB is also ok. How can that be? Hi, Well 2 problems: Function chatWith unable to take a php variable of longer length say M passing these variable so that all the online users could be displayed.

Another doubt, consider this app is open for user 1 and 2m and user 1 pings user 2. LL this chat box open in user 2? NET and have come across mangochat. It seems be same gmail and facebook style chat but in ASP. Anyone here tried it? Any thoughts on if its any good? Hey I tried you application it seems work fine but when i maximize ant chat window whole page scroll down Please check once any try to fix this bug.

Please alex send it to me it is very useful for our community site. Thanks in advance my mail is is bobindian at gmail. Anant garg i want your screenshoot tutorial for include script in website. I want example from you. Please Sent this screen shot in my email onnydripidha gmail. Hey Anant Garg, there is one problem just,, every thing works just fine but the page i put this code on does not scroll down.. Thanks 4 the help i was searching something like this only….

Hey, the chat is awesome but I have one problem when I refresh the page the chat disappears. What is going wrong? I would highly appreciate your help. My email address is: I would like to adapt this plugin for the Flatnux CMS. Right now the flatfile database functions are still in development, and they are taking on an sql-like syntax. But it is still a bit limited in its usage. For example, updating records can only be done by primary key.

Please forward to roguecraft11 at yahoo dot com. It works fine with firefox and chrome.. I am using gmail type chat, but the chat box is not retained if we change to some other page in same site. Thank you for your code. This is very useful and interesting. I like to use this in one my application developed in Ruby On Rails, can you please tell me how to use in Rails application, what is the chat. Hello, I am using your script currently and I had an idea, what if I have so many chat windows open that it goes off screen?

So I tested it. Using a scroll bar is an ugly idea but once the body detects content overflow I can use jquery to add in scrolling buttons when the browser width is smaller than the width of all chat boxes put together. Please tell me you know how to fix this, pleaseeee lol I am dying here. I been working literally three days straight on this problem. It can cause confusion in users chatting. Mr Anant Garg, this is very good.

I created a login table and used the login id to pass as the session user but if i do that, it doesnt display the name of the logged-in-user when i chat. This is because CSS and Javascript will not pick up spaces or illegal characters. The chat works perfectly on localhost, but on my server, it seems the sessions are lost so that the username becomes undefined.

Did you meet this problem too? Hi, You chat script is awesome.. But when I am trying to integrate this in my local host, I am facing a problem that when I send a message an user, that user is receiving two chat boxes, one is for message and another one is for message sent time… can you advice me to fix this issue.

I am testing your script on local server. Everything seems to work great except one bug I am facing. Not sure, if others tested this bug. Though it seems that it is there I guess not visible , as clicking on other username pops up new chat box as if one is already there.

Please test it and let me know if I need to do some correction. Please email your answer to me at rakeshjain gmail. I made it work almost fully i. Please help me find solution to this thing, then the whole thing will be error free. Hi builder, i have test this chat app on my computer, but my message sent to each other a little bit slow.

Can you make tutorials preferably video on how to create and edit this step by step? I have noticed quite a few people ask about spacing in the usernames, etc. I modified the code to integrate it into my customized drupal installation. Everything works fine in Firefox, but in IE8 the heartbeat process reloads the entire conversation each time making the experience impossible to follow.

Is there a fix for IE8? I appreciate your work which rose interest in me to learn php. I am into developing a webapp in JAVA can i integrate this chat application to my webapp?? Thank you in anticipation. Thanks a lot for ur script. I learnt a lot from it. All this, keeping ur script intact and only making some simple hacks here and there. I wld like to share this script with everyone. Is it possible to change some things like a clear windows and adding timestamp?

Contact me at email or respond here if possible. Hi ,i have a problem with your code. Like if some one write to me and I see it and closed the window and again some write to me then previous lines will be add again and in this way old chat will repeted no of times based on how many times I closed the chat window. Can you please help me to fix it. I have a problem in your chat module which json is not working. At first, it calls the chatheartbeat then it automatically stop.

What is the problem? Anant garg and very easy to work with. I am looking for one to one and one to many chat tool. Is this a latest version or do you have any updates on this? Will work with website developed in ASP. Ho do Get the source code of this chat? How can I use this plugin ASP. What should I do to make it happen??? I am going to use it in my social networking website. I can only send msg to to user.

Great stuff, one question: When I minimize or maximize a chatbox, it starts a load event in the list div. I have checked, no variables have the same name, so this is a global event sent by the chat script. HI Anant, First of all thank you for creating this awesome application. I want to create an open source Magento extension using this application that will be completely free.

I hope you do not have any objection against that. If you have please reply. You saved my time. Hi anant, I have just now downloaded the code and will try to understand it but i just wanted to say that when i checked it in Google Chrome I really appreciate this useful jQuery plugin. It is a very nice and confortable solution for amateur programmers and developers as well.

Thank you for publishing it. Whenever i create a username of special characters or the username contains spaces, the chat window did not open.

I decided to make it available to everyone else. Here is the result http: Hey , it is awesome.. I have implemented chat functionality at my server. I faced some issue like as 1 Some times it shows message multiple times but not continues. Thanks for great plugin. So it is included only if user is online. It does not call db for nothing. I make with a local aplication. To do it, follow the steps:.

Details for the fixes here: For those having problems with the main window losing vertical scroll, … Remove the following line from screen. Ulan, i tried the sound as you said, but it doesnt work as well, can you explain it more detail please? But my problem is, all my web pages are jsp pages, also how to convert chat. I integrated your chat module in my website, it works fine in my localhost but its getting problem on main domain. When sending msg from one user to another, its not getting at a time, after reloading a page couple of time, mesg shows in chat box.

Hi, i like the chat but i need the updates 2. Gmail style video chat. How it costs more? Hey, really a great job! Over many months, I searched such a IM to implement on our website. Hey Anant , I have tested your chat module compiled with my login system everything works fine but there is 1 problem if the username has spaces in it the chat module does not work , how do i overcome this??

These variables are set initially in chat. The javascript file calls them via Ajax, and processes the data it retrieves. This will require quite a bit of modification to incorporate both username and ID.

Wow man, what a great app. Maybe in few years you will be building a super successful app like skype. You have an awesome style of doing it just the right way. I love simplicity and its just what I wanted. You may have a MySQL error somewhere, either that or the chatHeartbeat is no longer checking whether the message is new or old, so it just posts the same one. I found this undefined value in chat.

Do I need to set anything here? The username is set initially in one of the sample files using a session variable: Hello Sir, I used your chat application with my site and i have 2 major problems: Just desire to say your article is as astounding.

The clearness in your post is simply excellent and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.

Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work. I want to play a sound when a chat message is received whilst the windows is unfocused, where in the code can I place this. You would need to check if there is new data new messages when the heartbeat is performed, then play the sound.

This can be done with javascript only however it may be nicer to modify chat. You can modify the createChatBox function to count how many chatboxes you have open. If there are more than 5, simply create a new button left arrow to scroll left, or then of course a right button, to scroll right, through your open chat windows.

Much like that of Facebook. I have one issue in chat.. Very nice and simple script! The next thing will be to modify the chatHearbeat. I will no doubt be making even more modifications after, too — such as managing a higher amount of open chat windows left and right arrows , chat sounds, webcam and mic, group chats, and anything else I can think of.

Its been 7 month sir, When are you posting your modification…. Please share as soon as possible. When I finish it. I am working on it still but I have other priorities too. Please remember, this is not my script! Please remember, this is not my script — therefore it is not my responsibility either. It is taking a long time for me to complete my version of the script however in the mean time I recommend you spend more time experimenting as you may learn more.

Hi richard it ll b great if you could share the code of the above mentioned functionalities.. It was a while ago I did this, but as far as I know… I had to create a new variable in the PHP file too to have it send the username to the javascript file.

Hi Richard Thanks for replying. But still it not working. But I will work on on this weekend. I have tried to solv the username to chatboxmessagefrom by adding new method in chat.

But it return always the same chatname aven it is from different databas table. Here is my testing methods. I design an header. How can I fix? You will need to modify the createChatBox function to check the users browser width, and then the width of all the already existing chat windows together.

Hi Ricchard, I solved it! Can I get this code too. Please send the code to subhod30 gmail. And i like to add chat module in my website for allow chatting with adminz. Hello I have downloaded the older version of your chat. I want to play a sound when a chat message is received. There is a line there that checks to see if the chat window is active or not. It keeps checking for a response and not waiting for it.

You say it checks less often when chat activity is low but still, I believe long polling is a much better solution. If you show your actual code I can help you. Hey Richard, thanks for helping people out on here. I uploaded the script to my web server, works fine with the sample files. Thanks for the reply Richard. Turned out to be a very silly mistake on my behalf, I use rewrite rules to clean my URLs, added in the true path to the script and was good. It may be worth adding the htmlspecialchars function to the script.

You will need to do this in the chat. When I get the time I will test out your problem and add a solution. All the MySQL commands to update the database are in chat. The MySQL settings starts on line The chatHeartbeat function is the function that checks for new messages, and updates the content if there is new contnet.

The sendChat function is the function that sends the message you enter. Not sure why I got a votedown. What happens when chat gets really long? But i want to show user status in chatbox title could you help me in getting status. I was able to show the chat box, but when i tried to send message, it does not display the message. But there a a few things to add: Hi, can you help me? I create my friendlist with php and mysql in file samplea. But when I include this file in my Jquery menu the chat view in this small frame, I want the chat view in top frame.

Hello, how are you. I need your help, I have already installed this chat on my website, but I can not do I identify a user by ID and not by name because that could not have users with the same name, but also need the name user appears in the chat box and not your ID. Just understand my concern. I install it 2 years ago and it work perfekt in one project very easy handling and costumising, now 2 jQquery years later 1. Please Fix Line 89 in chat. Hi, its working, but i want implement in jsp,please help me any one what is the structure of json data.

This is really very cool and i tested with 10 users and when i clicked on 5th users, the chat window getting hided How to solve this? Add a left and right arrow, so they only display when too many windows appear, and you can scroll through them left and right. Or add a drop down. I not seeing much after looking over the page about 10 times thinking i missed it.

Can you please include it in your post for us or shed some light on where its hiding? Im having abit of a problem, ive already got a session running of my current website.

Hello, I have a problem, I have defined the variable username session, the username of the sender is undefined in the box. By cons in the database the pseudo is good. I do not understand …. It is possible but would require a lot of changes. You can email me at richard richardhedges.

I used this fine script in a Windows server and it worked well. Now, using it in a Linux server I have big troubles. Probably a problem with usernames spaces, special characters? Are you sure the database connection is okay? If you mean you want this script in ASP. I used this script and it works well from PC but I use it from mobile browser in my case Opera 9. What is your recommendation for this, is it bug or not? Or what should I do. You have multiple options: Implement jQuery mobile or something similar.

Have you implemented it into your website? Or are you trying to run it standalone? To use the users ID instead of username requires a fair bit of changing. As you said, it shows the users ID instead of the username, so I recommend when opening a new chat window, you select the username from the database using the ID.

So first of all, you would need to code that, which is something as simple as checking for the users latest activity, and cross reference the time. For help on this, please contact me at richard richardhedges. I tried your chat but I have an issue. I print the username correctly before calling the chat. I open correctly the chat but when I send the message it does not store in the database.

I check the data I insered in chat. Without more information no one can help you. A lot of change in the code would be required to implement this. You would need to create an array of all the recipients when a user sends a message and have the code insert into the database for each recipient. You would then need to save the recipients somewhere in the database so when the user replies it knows it needs to send the message to all of them.

I will add this to my version. Hi guys, I started helping people out with this script a while ago when I came across it, but unfortunately a lot of you have been left without answers. I cannot stress enough though, this is NOT my script — I did not write it.

I had a majorly modified version of the script a while ago however unfortunately recently one of my harddrives corrupted so I lost lots of files — including my modified version of this script. Can anyone tel me how to remove close icon in chat windows?.. Help please, i want a function to completly remove chatbox permanently like function closeChat i want removeChat..

Not sure how often this is updated, but how do I go about integrating this into my current user base? I see chatboxes and my messages are being sent back to me. I want to use the script to chat between a logged in user and another user details of both present in a table in the database. What am I doing wrong? If someone having problem to integrate let me i know i can help nasir mgcc.

Can you help me please? I want to show all the users who are connected and add a picture next to the username. I enjoyed this chat … it is light and fast unlike others. I wonder if there is a Github repository for it? Hi, do i need to keep the names of users unique? It does not create a new chat box if two persons of same name are chatting with any user.

It just appends the message in the same chat box. What shall i do?? Do they have any other information you can access?

You can append that to their name to make it unique. Like their user id. For me something like Jordan I faced problems when multiple chat windows are opened in the same screen. After the chat windows stop fitting in the screen any more, jquery throws error. This is a great tutorial. But I found a problem.

All messages disappear when I refresh window …. How to prevent it? When I tried updating the software all seemed good, all functions transferred, connection transferred to all functions, but it was saying the query result was Boolean. So instead of ripping the session for chats, search the db in chat.

Check out the Chat. I believe also the startchatsession section You can either change that so it always shows the history, or you can mimic what it does to obtain the history so you can use it elsewhere. Hi Alex, could you please send me the classic asp version: Hi coder, could you please send me the classic asp version: Hello I like the Jquery chat it works perfectly well after I tried it. I just want to know how I can add new users to the chat. Hi guys, Can anyone help me on how to two user will chat each other and stored that chat history and also how to get user i online or not?

Thanks for your information. Is it possible to have chat between two users only? No other user can see the chat between two users. If we use the advance version of jquery.

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