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Where to find a Brown Mushroom in Creative Mode

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You can create one pretty much everywhere, even above ground, but under the following conditions: Mushrooms grow faster on mycelium and survive higher light levels than they do on other blocks. Brown mushrooms are now used to craft fermented spider eyes. Bone meal can be used on mushrooms to grow new huge mushrooms. This page was last edited on 8 September , at

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The setup would be as follows: Have some breeder cows - imho at least 10 - which are never going to die. That number can easily be increased to fit your needs. Keep the breeder cows in seperate pens with 2 cows per pen and have a contraption for the babies to get separated as well. If you wanna do something with the normal cows, fine, else just kill 'em for some beef and leather.

Quite obviously, you'll need to find at least two mooshrooms first, and get them to your base securely. Check this out https: You could also use a cow farm with mooshrooms in it, try this one https: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. How would you create a good mushroom farm on Minecraft? Rektifier 26 1 2. In my opinion I would just make one 9 by 9 by 9 box and have 5 mushrooms spawn it it then I would put another 9x9x9 space under it by mining into the earth.

I would continue until the tool breaks. The I would have multiple farms. Tell me if this works for you I have not tested it yet. What I usually do, is create a huge mushroom farm. Huge mushrooms come in three different heights 5, 6 or 7 meters tall and require a 7x7x7 or 7x7x8 area LWH to grow per huge mushroom. The light level of the block that the mushroom will be placed on is 12 or below, unless placed on a podzol or mycelium block.

At least 1 block of empty space must exist above the maximum height of the mushroom in order for it to spawn. In order to create a basic design of a working huge mushroom farm, you need to do the following: Mark a 7x7 block area.

Build an at least 5x5 solid block platform 8 meters above your 7 by 7 area. Dig one block in the center, and place your mushroom there. Repeat the pattern depending on your needs. Use some bone meal to see if it works properly. I re-tested this and it works at the latest snapshot.

Extra information on mushroom farming: Mushroom Farming Huge Mushroom. Create a room two blocks high and as large horizontally as desired. At regular intervals dig one block up into the ceiling of your room, and place a torch to create recessed lighting.

This will cast light of level 12 at floor height, allowing mushrooms to grow and spread. You can have as few as one torch every six squares with no danger of mobs spawning. This setup will allow for the fastest mushroom growth. Spread the mushrooms on the floor with room around them to grow and wait. Using bone meal on either a red or brown mushroom will cause a Huge Mushroom to grow if enough room is available, and if the mushroom is planted on the appropriate block. Huge mushrooms can give upwards of 20 mushrooms when harvested.

The image to the right illustrates the minimum growth requirements:. Bear in mind that the huge mushroom may still attempt to grow at a taller height than space is available, failing and wasting a bone meal. One way of growing a red mushroom on the surface of the world at any time of day without mycelium using bone meal is to dig a tunnel starting from several blocks where the mushroom should sprout, and plant the mushroom two or three blocks below the surface at the end of the tunnel.

Then, dig a single block chute to the surface from above the mushroom. If the mushroom is deep enough underground, it will not pop off when exposed to the light above it. Once there's light, use the bone meal and see if it grows the mushroom. If it does not, there may be too many blocks in the way of the mushroom, in which case, planting the mushroom closer to the surface may make it grow.

In the following design mushroom is planted on central platforms and new mushrooms will spread to side platforms. Water will flow once a day through the side platforms delivering the newly-spread mushrooms to hoppers and finally into chests. On the central platforms mushrooms can be planted in packs up to four mushroom of each kind. Planting more mushroom will increase the spreading speed, but will also reach its cap limit sooner.

In the video, three mushroom of each kind are planted, as it gives higher daily output. The side platforms should be one block height to improve efficiency, whilst the central ones should be 3 blocks height, in the video the central platform has middle glass platforms, as mushroom can't spread over glass. A circuit using a daylight detector emits two delayed pulses once a day, activating and deactivating dispensers containing water buckets , making water flow through the side platforms for about 12 seconds, enough to deliver every new mushroom spread in the side platforms to a hopper collection point, that will store mushroom into chests.

The farm can be covered in glass if the platforms are built in mycelium , or can be covered in any other non transparent block, both designs are shown in the video. A simple fully automated mushroom farm can be built with the use of pistons. First, a room of the height 2 is needed. In this room, a water stream in the floor of the width 2 is needed.

The purpose of this stream is simply to transport the harvested mushrooms out of the room. Mushrooms shall be planted along the bank of this water stream leaving every other block empty. Lastly, pistons are required to be placed facing towards the waterstream. They need to be placed besides the blocks, in which no mushrooms were planted. The pistons need to be wired to an outside switch, the water stream shall be redirected to your favorite collection point.

Then, the room needs to be sealed to be completely dark. The only opening should be 1x1 wide, for the water stream. This being the only opening, spawned monsters cannot leave the room. Eventually, the mushrooms will spread to the blocks in front of the pistons. Activating the pistons will then harvest the mushrooms and push them into the water stream.

The system is reset by deactivating the pistons without any need for replanting. Higher efficiency can be achieved by multiple arrangements. The system can even be arranged in a room of the height 1, this makes setup more difficult though.

The idea here is that mushrooms can also be popped off by causing the block beneath them to change to glass.

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