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When fighting in a lane, the goal is to stay and get experience as much as possible without having to go back to your base and heal. Later in the game you will start buying recipes, which are found at the other shops. Thanks for this info, I'm thinking of playing some Dota these days. EG vs coL 10h 55m. LAN function was removed completely for a lot of countries. If it is your first game, however, choose an easy hero to play, such as Skeleton King, who has the "Reincarnation" ability which will bring him back to life when killed.

"The game is in an extraordinary place."

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DracoLich , Dec 15, I want to play dota 1 with you. The thing is - if you want to play Dota, there's no alternative to Dota 1.

I'm not saying the new changes are good or bad, but this game is no longer Dota Damn, when I remember the old days when last hitting actually mattered, where not everybody had free mana blinks, when mobility wasn't the end all stat. The bad thing about Dota 1 though, is that it's 6. VersusAllOdds , Dec 15, Daddy Sven , Dec 15, Both are plagued by bugs, but still playable. The latter has less bugs and slightly better balance, but unfortunatly is actively hosted only in -ap.

The most cool thing about current Dota1 state is having two "metas" to choose from. DracoLich would be better to create his own wc3 modification at this point. FightFightFight , Dec 15, I spent hundreds of hours after dota 2 came out to get to 4k mmr, and probably another hours to get 5k. Add in another to get 6k mmr and there you have it - a time sink from which you can no longer retrieve anything of value. It's possible to "accelerate" the learning curve, but you pretty much have to play dota like it's your second job or first if you're unemployed , reprimand yourself for every mistake you make, etc.

It's not a rational choice. Dota 1's official version is 6. Or maybe it's coz all the players left are very low skill but oh well, at least it's dota. I live in the USA, not the Phillipines or Brazil, where dota 1 is still pretty popular, so my options are limited. The graphics are ugly. I'm actually down to play once I get back home Remember when u told me u would quit once u reached 6k now it's too late feel the humiliation of self loathing and regret.

Berceuse , Dec 16, Animus , Dec 17, I have the Warcraft 3 chest purchased in my Battle. If there is a good option to play the original Dota right now. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Hit the "OK" button once installation has been completed. Download DoTA from the Internet. The official DoTA website has many download mirrors to provide fast downloads to multiple users at once. Remember the location where you are saving the downloaded file.

Move the downloaded file to the download directory of the Warcraft program in which you want to play the DoTA game. The directory is usually "C: The DoTA map has now been successfully installed for your chosen World of Warcraft game but you should make some adjustments before playing it.

Open Warcraft and click on "Options" in the main menu to go to the Options menu. Gamma and Lights sets the brightness of your screen and the light ratio within the game.

Resolution, Model Detail, Animation Quality, Particles and Texture Quality can be used to enhance the detailing of objects in the virtual world. Spell Detail should be set to High so you know when there are spells nearby. Mouse Scroll adjusts the sensitivity of your mouse cursor. Keyboard Scroll adjusts the sensitivity level for keyboard buttons. Always Show Health Bars shows the health of your character at all times while playing the game.

Automatically Save Replays saves replays in the replays folder automatically. Customize your Sound Options to match your personal preferences and audio system capabilities. The DoTA map is free. Just download anywhere you like. However, the base game Warcraft III is not free. You have to buy it at Blizzard's website or another store. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. The Frozen Throne in the default directories.

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