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Two passengers open and shut bus window in passive-aggressive row
And if someone used my computer when I was away, I would be in trouble for not locking it and the person who used it would be in trouble for using my account to access something. She was in the process of being evicted. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to leave a comment. Allows you to specify the proxy server used by Google Chrome and prevents users from changing proxy settings. The ID of the tab to get the current zoom factor from; defaults to the active tab of the current window. Thus this page also describes the process of proposing that: A third stupid person is now backing the first stupid person.


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Anyone know of a way? Agreed — unfortunately, this looks like the complete list of command line options http: Ctrl Shift N is a keyboard shortcut for making a new folder on any place in Windows: HI… yeah, so is there any way to have a shortcut key for Google Chrome Incognito mode, with the home page set to http: It looks like you can create a program shortcut to chrome, and then edit the shortcut to use the -incognito flag, plus a space and then the name of the web site you want to visit.

It was implemented in Firefox years ago…. Chrome had it first. Go to the properties and select the shortcut tab. Sometimes you may need to put — instead of -. Then launch it and it will launch chrome as incognito.

Your email address will not be published. These are listed in the sections below. Initially, the Unicode emoji characters were selected primarily on the basis of compatibility. The selection factors have been broadened to include other factors; here are the factors that the Emoji subcommittee now considers when assessing possible new emoji. None of these factors alone determine eligibility or priority: The most important factors for inclusion are compatibility and expected usage level.

Before approving as candidates or adding to a release of Unicode, other considerations are taken into account. The goal of this section of your proposal is to gather information that can be used to assess the expected usage level for the new emoji.

There is no perfect way to do this, but you are expected to supply the following data to help the committee assess your proposal. The sample reference emoji are chosen to be about median popularity among existing emoji, and to be reasonably distinct. As with the rest of this section, this list may be updated over time. Just pick the closest one. The type is not as important as the emoji being of median popularity. Proposed smiley faces need to be assessed differently, since comparison are quite difficult.

Generally the best terms capture the particular emoji or reaction, but proposals must be careful to provide evidence that such emotions or reactions cannot be coveyed by the existing smileys. Remember, each category must have at least two items: For this case, the category term is chosen when item is selected: In your screenshot, include enough of the header to see the category.

Please contact us if you have other suggestions for other ways to get pertinent frequency data about expected emoji usage. The following describes the process and approximate timeline for new emoji characters. Normally proposals need to be submitted to the Emoji subcommittee at least a year before they can appear in a Unicode release. The process is simpler for emoji sequences and other proposals that don't require new characters. Suggested short name and keywords for the emoji, as in the Emoji List.

Adjectives or other narrowing terminology should be avoided except where necessary to distinguish from an existing character. Some existing emoji names deviate from this for historical reasons. These are to illustrate how each character might be displayed. The format and license must be as specified in Images. The proposer must certify that the images have appropriate licenses for use by the Unicode Consortium, and list the type of license.

The images must be included in the document at the top in two sizes: The 18x18 image is to provide immediate feedback to you and the committee as to whether the image is distinctive enough. Selection factors — Inclusion. A section that addresses all Selection Factors for Inclusion, and for each one provides evidence as to what degree each of the proposed characters would satisfy that factor.

Compatibility Expected usage level Frequency must have separate evidence for each proposed emoji Multiple usages Use in sequences Breaking new ground Image distinctiveness Completeness Frequently requested Selection factors — Exclusion.

Any other information that would be helpful, such as design considerations for images. Type Representative face drooling face bird penguin animal elephant plant rice symbol warning activity massage body nose drink tumbler glass fantasy goblin food hamburger food melon office scissors office notebook computer laptop computer sport bowling sport tennis transport ambulance tool wrench.

Home Site Map Search. Making Existing Characters be Emoji. Selection Factors for Inclusion. Selection Factors for Exclusion. Process for Proposed Emoji Sequences. UTR 51, Unicode Emoji. Unicode Emoji Data Files. Unicode Utilities Emoji Set for developers.

Submitting Emoji Proposals Anyone can submit a proposal for an emoji character, but the proposal needs to have all the right information for it to have a chance of being accepted. Thus this page also describes the process of proposing that: Please read this entire page before preparing a proposal. Scan the list of Emoji Requests to see whether your proposed emoji have already been submitted.

If the status is Declined, it may not be worth the effort to make a proposal. Make sure you understand this whole document, especially the Selection Factors. Review some Example Submissions to see how previous proposals were constructed. Submitting a Proposal To submit a proposal for a new emoji, please prepare a document according to the Form for Emoji Proposals.

Form for Emoji Proposals Title: As you read these, remember the following key facts: New proposals must follow the current Form for Emoji Proposals. This form may have changed since earlier proposals were submitted. A proposal may be accepted for reasons in addition to those stated in the proposal.

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