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Who did it?

Who Hacked The NSA?
And that's what's so troubling here, is that apparently these tools have now fallen into the wrong hands. On a website written in broken English , the Shadow Brokers revealed some files and promised "better" ones available, for sale to the highest bidder. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Air-gapped networks are good, but not impenetrable. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Shadow Brokers appear to have received 1.

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'Shadow Brokers' Claim To Have Hacked The NSA's Hackers

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Shadow Brokers appear to have received 1. The auction is "absurd" and "weird," as Wired puts it , but the magazine notes that there's a "growing consensus" that the files themselves — at least the ones released so far — are legitimate.

Matt Suiche, a security researcher who analyzed the code that has been publicly released by the Shadow Brokers, tells NPR's Aarti Shahani that it does appear to be a compilation of tools used by the NSA. But the "teaser" files don't include any very valuable information, he says — and the question now is whether the hackers actually have more files.

You hear the hype, it's interesting. Then you pay for more — but you get bored. The Washington Post reports that the hacking tools released in the teaser file — with names such as Epicbanana, Buzzdirection and Egregiousblunder — are highly sophisticated. They are expensive software used to take over firewalls, such as Cisco and Fortinet, that are used 'in the largest and most critical commercial, educational and government agencies around the world,' said Blake Darche, another former TAO operator and now head of security research at Area 1 Security.

The New York Times writes that the NSA could have used the code to "get inside the computer systems of competitors like Russia, China and Iran," with the exploits, and "lurk unseen for years" with the implants. Said a second former TAO hacker who saw the file: The exploits are not run-of-the-mill tools to target everyday individuals. The software apparently dates back to and appears to have been taken then, experts said, citing file creation dates, among other things.

It might also see what the NSA is targeting and spying on. And now that the tools are public, as long as the flaws remain unpatched, other hackers can take advantage of them, too. The tools were posted by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers using file-sharing sites such as BitTorrent and DropBox. As is typical in such cases, the true identity of whoever put the tools online remains hidden. Attention government sponsors of cyber warfare and those who profit from it!!!!

Last week's leaked files expose many of the exploits of the Equation Group, a group of hackers with suspected ties to the NSA. Yes, the video game. In it, an 8-foot-tall alien called the shadow broker dealt black-market information quietly, and with ruthless calculus--a funny contrast to the hacker group's behavior.

When the hackers released their cache, they were brazen and braggadocious. Much like the character in the game, the broker might be a single individual with access to a vast network, an NSA insider looking to cover his tracks. Sensitive NSA information is usually stored on air-gapped networks--networks not connected to the Internet. Humans, however, are easy access points, and as Edward Snowden proved, someone with inside access and a flash drive can bypass such systems.

Air-gapped networks are good, but not impenetrable. Infect computers with programs that fluctuate the speed of internal fans , and you can effectively Morse code signal data to a listening device, then code it back into useful information.

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