Satellite internet service providers in Asia Pacific.

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Satellite providers like HughesNet aside, most providers are only available in certain states. Example coverages, with emphasis on the Middle East. Solutions are available for all world regions, making use of multiple satellite beams and bringing together resources from a number of different suppliers, appropriate to the individual customer requirements. Rights and Obligations of the company a. When CPE provided by Company for provision of services.

What are the best high speed internet providers in my area?

High Speed Internet Services Providers

Plans are named for their speed tier i. Looking for more modest speed at a lower price point? Your mileage may vary; check availability with your ZIP code to find offers in your area.

Many other providers we considered offer 25 - 60 Mbps for close to what Verizon charges for Mbps — and require a one- or two-year agreement. Most internet service providers offer discounts to entice new customers. Check Fios availability to learn more about current offers in your area. Verizon Fios is an excellent option — if you can get it. While the company boasts 5. Some customers without access to Fios can get Verizon High Speed Internet, with top download speeds maxing out at 15 Mbps.

To our previous point, Frontier internet offers contract-free plans, which means you can cancel anytime without paying an early termination fee. Available plans and offers can vary by location.

Service interruptions occurred during and after the changeover, and Frontier received a high volume of negative feedback. These interruptions have since been resolved, but some concerns remain; Frontier scored a 56 out of on the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

More recent feedback includes billing concerns and difficulty changing plans or canceling service. Prefer to avoid a commitment?

Better yet, this discount is available whether or you sign a contract. Many providers offer a promotional rate for new customers, but CenturyLink takes it a step further. Which brings us to our next point. CenturyLink plans are month-to-month. Price For Life plans require prepayment each month, and your service will renew automatically until you cancel.

Monthly plan cost will increase after 24 months. Spectrum is the only one of our top picks to include a modem and router for free with all plans.

Depending on where you live, there are likely to be more affordable options once the promotional rate ends. For example, new Spectrum customers in some parts of Los Angeles pay the same price as Charlotte, North Carolina and Austin, Texas customers — for half as much speed.

We found their online ordering process difficult to navigate overall. After a lengthy introductory script, a chat agent informed us that we would get up to 10 Mbps upload speed with the Mbps plan. Cox recommends its 10 Mbps plan for three devices or fewer. However, it offered less speed than most fiber and cable plans 60 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up. Its availability also seems limited to bigger cities despite being advertised as offered in 21 states.

Rather than choosing a speed tier, you choose a plan based on a monthly data allotment, ranging from 10 - 50 GB per month. All plans offer the same download speed, up to 25 Mbps. But if you live in a remote location, satellite internet may be your best option. The first step in choosing an internet service provider is to check availability in your area.

Satellite providers like HughesNet aside, most providers are only available in certain states. Plus, plans, pricing and current promotions can vary widely depending on where you live. Our provider comparison grid summarizes what we found in our research and in the quotes we requested. This category includes anything that can increase the amount of your first bill or monthly service cost. Common fees and expenses include:. This includes anything that could save you money or increase the value of your service.

The internet industry is often highly competitive, and many providers offer promotions to entice new customers, including:. The price you see when you set up your internet service could change, based on the terms of your agreement. Please help them find customers.

Please Email them at info sinosat. To email your enquiry click here: Yamal satellite coverage. Papua New Guinea, Nauru etc. Satellite broadband service in Indonesia -Java. Have your say now.. Have a look at the comments in my Satellite Internet Forum. Help others with advice. Contribute your own problems, successes, failures, wants, sales etc. Please e-mail me, Eric Johnston , if you have suggestions or amendments, or wish to have your service mentioned on this page, all input welcome.

If any of the above companies have ceased operating please tell me. The setting up and control of two way satcom terminals is controlled from the provider teleport hub so any problem sites can be switched off remotely until a technician attends.

Also, the equipment design and frequency bands used comply to international inter-system co-ordination and regulatory "type approval" for general use so that operation does not cause unacceptable interference to other services or continue to require individual transmit licence.

Non-approved terminals continue to require an individual licence. Please note that export of certain equipment to Iran is not allowed. Restrictions may apply to other countries, such as North Korea, according to the political situation. Coverage areas do not imply that operation is allowed everywhere within the beam, for political reasons.

Satellite internet service providers in Asia Pacific. Asia satellite broadband forum Satellite dish pointing for India Dish pointing: Australia and NZ Satellite internet via direct two-way customer premise terminals is technically possible throughout Asia following a maturing of the technology and building of teleport hub dishes by satellite internet service providers. Lepton Global Solutions Lepton Global Solutions provides customized, end-to-end satellite communications solutions for both military and commercial customers utilizing Ku-, Ka-, C-, and X-band satellite frequencies.

Mobile land and sea based satellite broadband systems are also available. Tsunami communications Satellite broadband service in Indonesia -Java Aguila2 details Have your say now.. This page is Copyright c SSL Last updated 19 Sept Please note that export of certain equipment to Iran is not allowed. SpeedCast incorporating Pactel since 18th Jan Worldwide SpeedCast coverage and connectivity. C band iDirect coverages. Ku band iDirect coverages.

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