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Still, it's far friendlier and easier to use than, say, Private Internet Access, which is little more than a window to start your connection. They lie with each word and it look for me like a one man show otherwise they could answer in time and give a standard Customer Support. This is just to say that one can never give a general opinion on a service but simply a personal opinion. A company representative explained to me that the company does not profit from user data in any way. Apple requires developers to jump through additional hoops if they want to include OpenVPN in an app, but many are beginning to move in that direction. There are many things you can do to improve your speeds.

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Meaning you can automatically change IP at different times so that the address is continuously changing while you browse. It will allow you to enhance overall performance of the VPN connection. There are three Speed Guide tests that can be performed in order to ascertain the fastest VPN link available.

The better the Ping rate, meaning the lower it is, the faster the internet connection. The second test is an Express test, which measures ping rates and download and upload speeds. During the Express test, kb of data is sent to every appropriate server in order to evaluate the best connection speeds.

The third and final test, is the Full Test which does the same thing as the Express test, yet in a more comprehensive manner. The Full test will more accurately determine the best connection speeds by downloading and uploading larger test files. HideMyAss is one of the best services available because of a single, and relatively straightforward, reason. It offers the most for your money.

The service itself is relatively inexpensive and budget friendly, yet there is utterly no sacrifice in features or customer support. Most of the time, when you go with a less expensive service you are giving up multiple conveniences. That is not the case at all with HideMyAss. This essentially means the service is compatible with any device including mobile smartphones and tablets.

In addition, HideMyAss provides you with all the necessary tools required to connect to the VPN service and optimize the connection. The beauty of the HMA service is that the speed is excellent in terms of streaming. Of course, the actual performance speed of the VPN connection depends on several factors like the distance to the server, individual speeds of your ISPs service, what kind of activities you are doing streaming media, browsing internet, downloading large files , and even how many people are using your connection at one time.

Load Balancing will help you pinpoint which VPN servers have the most traffic at the time you are attempting to connect. Coverage, when using any internet based service, is particularly critical, especially in the case of VPN access.

The total number of servers directly determines the overall speed of the service while the number of IP addresses determines how many options you have when masking your IP address. It stands to reason that the more IP addresses that exist, the less likely it is for your real IP address to be discovered or tracked. A Linux GUI client is on the way and is currently being developed.

It installed in a snap on the Apple iPhone SE we used for testing. The product's appearance has changed quite a bit since our last review. The main window no longer features an animated image of the product's donkey mascot, Jack. Now at the top, you see a dim image of a rocket blasting past a mountain. If you just tap to connect in the default Instant Mode, the VPN chooses the fastest available server, and the rocket image gains color.

We kind of miss the way Jack used to give a thumbs-up on connection, and wave the flag of the VPN server's country. You can switch from the default Instant Mode to Location Mode. When you do, the top image becomes a collection of worldwide icons such as the Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, and Big Ben.

When you tap to connect, you can choose by Countries, Cities, or Favourites hey, they're British! Given the long list of countries and even longer list of cities, we're glad there's a search option. Switch to Freedom Mode and you'll see a birdie escaping its cage at the top of the screen.

This mode seems akin to the Anti-Censorship mode from our earlier review. When you connect in this mode, it looks for what Hide My Ass calls the "fastest free-speech server. What makes it a free-speech server isn't clear. Helpfully, the displayed server location identifies virtual servers. Here's something unusual; you can change that public IP with a simple tap. Most iPhone VPNs would require you to log out and connect again, without a guarantee that the new connection would have a different public IP address.

People looking to access region-locked content with Hide My Ass might have a hard time doing so. As is typical, the Netflix app just displayed "Network Error. No matter the VPN service you use, your connection will change somehow—usually for the worse. But not all VPNs have the same effect on your internet experience. To test the impact on connection speeds, we compare the average results from Ookla's internet speed test tool to find the percent change with the VPN on and off.

Because networks are notoriously fickle things, we take the baseline measurements immediately before testing VPN speeds.

The latency test measures how long it takes for your device to ping a server and receive its response. Going through a VPN rather than directly to that server naturally has potential to increase latency.

Fortunately, Hide My Ass had a small impact, increasing latency by just A drag on download speed is something you're more likely to notice, but don't worry—Jack won't slow you down. Hide My Ass slowed downloads by Hotspot Shield is an outlier in this test; it actually speeded up downloads by My contact at Ookla confirmed that they're aware of Hotspot Shield's techniques for increasing throughput.

As for upload speed, all the recent products except AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite for iPhone slowed uploads by some amount, but none by a lot. Note, too, that for most mobile activities, downloads are more significant than uploads. Hide My Ass slowed uploads by 2. Even the worst score, 8. Taken all together, speed scores from Hide My Ass are quite good.

It didn't increase latency by much, and it had only a small impact on download and upload speeds. This is one fast donkey! It's easy to see why Hide My Ass has such an ardent following. It has a fun design and is remarkably easy to use on any major platform.

It also delivered solid speed test scores both on iOS and Windows. Best of all, it's very, very simple. Unfortunately, the company's logging policy is not ideal, and its reliance on virtual servers may be a deal-breaker for the security-conscious user. He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors. Max Eddy is a Software Analyst, taking a critical eye to Android apps and security services. He's also PCMag's foremost authority on weather stations and digital scrapbooking software.

When not polishing his tinfoil hat or plumbing the depths of the Dark Web, he can be found working to discern the Best Android Apps. Pricing Hide My Ass offers three different packages. Just be mindful of your data usage amounts, because no refunds are fulfilled if you exceed 10GB of bandwidth within that time frame.

Payments are accepted via credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. Speed Overall, we found that the speeds we got from Hide My Ass were equal to, or slightly better than, their main competitors. Speaking of servers, Hide My Ass has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve to aid you in choosing the best server at any given time:. Load balancing — This tool works out which of the servers based in a given location will give you the best speeds based on current usage levels, and it will automatically connect you to the fastest server available.

Just leave it set to your preferred server, and use the internet as usual to enjoy lightening-fast speeds. The software client is simple to use, and even for the novice VPN user, the instructions are not intimidating but extremely straightforward. Country selection allows you to browse the complete selection of servers filtered by VPN protocol. We liked the option to explore and select servers via a graphic map.

Setting up Secure IP Binding and Scheduled IP Changes is equally straightforward, and you can also check your subscription and billing details from within the client. Using the Android app was a cinch.

The app is bright, colorful, and it takes seconds to get connected to a server. You can also open a support ticket via the email system. However, overall the quality of the support we received was good. Verdict Hide My Ass is one of the best VPN services around for the average internet user who wants to boost their online security or access geo-restricted media from anywhere.

The software is attractive and straightforward to use, the selection of servers is unrivaled, and extras like IP Binding and Load Balancing are genuinely useful. Leave a comment below, send us an email, or write your own review in the Customer Reviews section. Just paid with CC for 6 months subscription.

Why HideMyAss is One of The Best VPN Services

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