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Click the DNS tab. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as necessary to delete all DNS servers. Use each dns server one at a time. What are you saying? If they are doing their job, those will be "close" to you in network terms.

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Following are instructions for doing so, depending on your operating system: Windows 7 or Windows Select Obtain an IP address automatically. Select Obtain DNS server address automatically. Click Network and Sharing Center. Click Manage network connections. Click the Networking tab. In the list box, click one of the following: Select a network interface from the sidebar. By default, your primary network interface is selected.

If you use more than one interface to connect to the Internet, use these instructions to update the DNS servers for all of the interfaces. Click the DNS tab. Click the - button Minus button to delete it. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as necessary to delete all DNS servers.

We have several DNS servers in different markets: Test your access to the Internet to make sure your new DNS servers are working. Most major content uses DNS to figure out where to serve you from. The best DNS server to use for performance is what Comcast gives you. If you are tech savy, you could improve that by running a local cache which forwards all unknown requests to Comcast.

Here is the link: My router also acts as a caching DNS, which is great because all of my LAN devices query it and it does all the work of contacting multiple servers.

There were some posts on it awhile ago. If they are doing their job, those will be "close" to you in network terms. Exactly Premium Member join: Here's the ping time to my primary Comcast DNS server. Is there anything I can do in command prompt to see exactly how long it would take to actually resolve a domain?

But it could make a significant difference for somebody in Nevada, or Southern California. I don't want to go adding a IP that I don't know who its from. Is there a WhoIS that would work to find out who they are?

What does the graphs mean the higher the better? Didn't see the "sort fastest first" So I guess the ones it lists first are faster.. OpenDNS has been best for me by far. In addition to being faster than Comcast's DNS servers, you also receive the additional value of their security features even in the free basic version.

All of you need to take your analysis one further step to see the real effects upon CDN based sites. Use each dns server one at a time. The do a ping and traceroute for each. Sometimes a dns resolver may be fast but the answers give you really much slower resulting IP addresses.

Is there any tweaks I could do? Your results look a lot better than mine. I did initially discover from reading the "Conclusions" tab that I had one of the slower OpenDNS servers listed first but I have since changed that.

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