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Select install update and let it do its thing. You actually learn how to bring a difficulty to light and earn it essential. Roku 2 XS TV. Again, this will delete all data from the drive so you will want to backup it beforehand. If you don't own a Smart TV and you're not intending to buy one at the moment, a media player box is a great option. I know the info is there because I have gotten it before by accident or a mac technician.

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Why Does My WD TV Live Media Player Not Play Video?

Media sticks fall under this category too. You can access the wealth of content online, but also local content via an app such as Plex. Accessing online content via a box or stick will require a decent Internet connection. Media boxes have the added option of being connected to your router via an Ethernet cable. This will be more reliable in terms of signal, depending on your router's location relative to the TV, but obviously WiFi is neater - no cables!

Despite the name, NAS devices are a really versatile option that's so much more than mere storage. They're more like mini PCs in fact, sitting at the centre of your network, attached to your router, and boast a wealth of apps including multimedia utilities for streaming movies, music, and photos. They're brilliant for storage too, of course. With models from popular vendors such as QNAP and Synology featuring anything from 1 bay up to 24 bays, you could potentially have a whopping TB of storage capacity.

However, there are a few changes to the default settings I recommend making. Once the DLNA server is turned on, you have to enable the shares to serve media. There you will be able to turn on the NFS service. This will allow you to copy movies, music, and photos to the Public share to be accessed by other devices. First I recommend a static IP address. Notice the WD My Cloud setup software opens up your browser and takes you to an IP address on your network to configure the device.

The default uses DHCP, which means the address can change. I recommend using a static IP so it never changes and you always know how to access the device. Setting a static address is simple in the WD My Cloud configuration menu.

You will then be asked to input an IP address. But what address to input? Your home network usually has a set of available addresses. The router typically has an address like Those addresses are typically handed out in order, starting with However, this is not the recommended way to do this.

The proper way involves limiting the range of IP addresses your router assigns and keeping a pool of addresses for static IPs. To do this you need to log into your router and change the DHCP settings to limit the addresses available for assignment.

All operations of rTorrent take place through the web interface. To use this, click on the rTorrent icon in the web frontend not the [config] link you clicked above. Click the "Add Torrent" icon in the upper-left corner of rTorrent and enter the following information:. Sometimes you may only want to download particular files in a torrent and not every file.

To do this, start downloading the torrent and then double-click on the name of the torrent in the main rTorrent screen. In the bottom section of the screen, click on the "files" tab.

You should now see all of the files in the torrent. All files are downloaded by default. To prevent a file from being downloaded, right click on the file, hover over the "Priority" menu, and click "Don't Download". To do this with multiple files at once, shift-click on all the files that you don't want to download, then right-click on the group and follow the steps above.

The main screen of rTorrent will show all of your active downloads. The icon to the left of each torrent shows its current state the key for these icons is in the left navigation pane.

Most importantly, blue means the torrent is downloading, green means it is completed, and red means there is a problem downloading the torrent.

If you look to the right of each torrent name, you can also see the total size of the torrent, the percentage completed, the total amount downloaded, the download and upload speeds of the torrent, as well as other useful information. If you want to get more detailed information about the status of a download, double-click on the torrent you are interested in.

Clicking the "speed" tab in the lower pane will show a graph over time of your upload and download speeds for that torrent.

Your total upload and download speeds are listed at the very bottom of the window next to the green up arrow and blue down arrow, respectively. It is recommended that you move completed downloads into your main movie, music or photo folders and then remove the torrent using the instructions below.

This can be done in the rtorrent. Right click on the torrent file or shift-click on multiple torrent files and then right-click. Select "Pause" or "Stop" from the popup menu. If you are done downloading a torrent you can remove it from the list of active torrents. This will prevent it from being uploaded anymore, thus using less system resources. To do this, right-click the torrent and choose "Remove".

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