Blocking Skype on corporate network

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How to Block Skype in Domain Network
Find More Posts by Solidwave. Help answer questions Learn more. How do I block Skype on my home network? I know for a fact that Kaspersky Labs Internet Security has a function to block certain applications from running. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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How to Block Skype on a Router

So i dont intend to claim point for this. How to block skype http: Three ways you can go about doing this Set the permissions to only give the IT department the ability to run it.

That way when they reboot their computers after getting the new policy the service will fail to start. This is my favorite First you must install skype on the computer that your creating the policy from do it from your desktop. Any computer with skype installed will be affected, any computer without it will disregard the policy.

Block the skype ports on the firewall. This involves setting outbound ACL's on your Cisco Group Policy is a wonderful thing! Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. You can try using a proxy server but Skype can change the operation of their program. How the skype program works is your login info is sent to an authentication servers, and they can be blocked at least for now, until Skype changes servers, adds more, makes authentication p2p as well or something else that will bypass such filters.

I have family staying with This is a total mystery. Signal from cable is fine. Works on its own. However when I direct the cable into a router or switch, I get limited connectivity, which is no connectivity. I tried two switches and a one router with identical results. All of these devices have worked on that spot Here's what I can't do. Ping DG Default Gateway 2. Ping my IP Can't access my router via remote, even though its setup to allow it.

Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 2. Rolovis Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit 3 posts.

Block Skype on Router Hello everyone. Find More Posts by Rolovis. Find More Posts by Dwarf. Originally Posted by Rolovis Any ideas? Uhhh, talk to your daughter about her phone use?

You're looking for a passive-aggressive technological fix for a parenting problem. That's really not an appropriate solution. Find More Posts by Solidwave. Golden Windows 7 Ult. Find More Posts by Golden. JMH Win 7 Ultimate bit. Sparr0w Window 7 Ultimate x86 2 posts. Ensure that the "Domain", "Private", and "Public" boxes are checked. This will ensure that Skype is blocked on all network types. Give the new rule a name and description. This is for your own reference, so enter whatever you'd like.

Once you give it a name, the rule will be applied. This rule will not prevent someone from opening Skype, but it won't be able to connect. Ensure that the computer users don't have administrator access. Blocking Skype, along with a host of other computer security functions, require administrator access. If you're blocking someone from using Skype but they know the administrator password or their account is an administrator account, they can easily revert your changes.

Select the account that you want to block Skype on. If you use one account for multiple, consider creating separate accounts for each user for greater control. Check the "Enable parental controls". Click the Open Parental Controls This will prevent the selected user from running Skype. Click the Lock button.

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