Perfect Day (Lou Reed song)

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Perfect Day

I Can't Stand It. Lou Reed in the '70s. Hits from the Underground: Cool Songs From Hot Flicks: Cool Songs From Hot Flicks. Very Best of Lou Reed. Best of Lou Reed. World's Best Dad []. World's Best Dad Gift Set. The Very Best of Lou Reed. The Power of Rock. The Best Movie Album in the World Haynes Ultimate Guide to Rock: The Essential Lou Reed. Just Be Good to Me. The Best Love Album. Trainspotting [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack].

Lou Reed Rock Galaxy. Various Artists Precious Metal. I told you I can't do it so I can't do it. So I'll see you. I shout after him, thank you, I've come all the way from England to see you, let's talk about what you want to talk about then. He sulks back in, and walks around me, as if weighing up whether to hit me.

I tell him that he's intimidating. Actually, he's like the class nerd who worked out obsessively and graduated into the playground bully. OK, then, can he explain The Raven to me? He tries and fails, but he does manage to say it took four years to make.

Did it upset him that, after all that time, so many critics slated it? Y'know, I was with Warhol, with Andy, and, the things they would say about him, up to and including when he died The Raven features a singer, simply called Antony, with a wonderful, shimmering voice - almost castrato. I ask Reed where he discovered him, and say that he looks as if he could have popped out of Warhol's Factory 40 odd years ago.

Now, typical of you as an interviewer to say something as cheap as 'Oh, he looks like somebody who could have been around the Factory,' as opposed to, 'What a great voice'. Why are you so aggressive to me? What have I done to you? Why are you being so horrible? OK, fuck, you don't want to talk about music. I was going to say he could be in the Factory because he's an original and his voice is stunning and ghostly.

But you didn't listen long enough before attacking me. As attacks go, that is pretty mild. I ask him if he's happy. Listening to his bile, I can't help thinking this is one unhappy man. I apologise for the personal question. OK, who's your music hero? I love Don Cherry. I love the way those guys play.

But only a second. I ask him whether we can discuss martial arts - strictly in the context of music. There is a martial artist in his show He nods. It does a lot of things. Reed and Laurie Anderson were vocal campaigners against the war. How does he define himself politically? The celebrity interview is a fraught affair. After actor Rhys Ifans stalks out of his unhappy encounter with a Times journalist, we ask those who interview the stars about their worst experiences.

I do general interviews. Pop and rock Andy Warhol features. From Rhys Ifans to Madonna: Postmodernism killed the avant garde. Grayson Perry is right to say the art world has flattened out. The family friendly gyrations on The X Factor have left me in mourning for a time when transgression was not simply a marketing technique. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on: Release Date September 26, Men of Good Fortune. How Do You Speak to an Angel? Real Good Time Together. Growing up in Public.

Perfect Day Lou Reed. Coney Island Baby Lou Reed. Men of Good Fortune Lou Reed. Downtown Dirt Lou Reed.

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